Page 1. Module. 3. Machinability. Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur. Page 2. Lesson. Failure of cutting tools and tool life. Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur. Page 3. Recommended materials for machinability. Parts made from both ferrous and non -ferrous material can be machined. However, materials like plastics (with or. Page 1. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur. Module. 3. Machinability. Page 2. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur. Lesson. Cutting Tool Materials of common use. Page 3.

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First Name Last Name. The most often requested materials that are not readily machinable are: Production of screw threads by Machining, Rolling and Grinding.

Even with the relatively high volume of optical components manufactured using the SPDT process, this process cannot be classified as mass production, especially when compared with production of polished optics. Optical elements produced by the means of diamond turning are used in optical assemblies in telescopesvideo projectorsmissile guidance systems, lasers, scientific research instruments, and numerous other systems and devices.

Become a Data Scientist datacamp. The form accuracy is measured as a mean deviation from the ideal target form. Cutting temperature, Measurement of temperature, heat generation, heat distribution, metallurgical and microstructural study. Grinding wheel specification, classification, Thermal aspects, Lapping, Honing, Super finishing, Drag finishing, vibratory finishing, Applications.


Introduction to Machining and Machining Fluids

Standoff distance, angle of impingement, contact angle, area of cooling, Solid lubricants. Retrieved from ” https: Construction, mmachinability principle and applications of shaping, planing and slotting machines. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please click here to learn more.

Mechanics of Machining, tool geometry and materials, chip formation, tool temperature, tool wear, tool life, surface finish, machinability. Generally, diamond turning is restricted to certain materials.

Manufacturing Processes II | NPTEL Online Videos, Courses – IIT Video Lectures

Carter wear, flank nptep, nose wear, other tool wears, tool life criteria. The term single-point diamond turning SPDT is sometimes applied, although as with other lathe work, the “single-point” label is sometimes only nominal radiused tool noses and contoured form tools being options. Cutting Tool Materials of common use.

Diamond turning is specifically useful when cutting materials that are viable as infrared optical components and certain non-linear optical components such as KDP.

The chuck itself is separated from the electric motor that spins it by another air suspension. Conversion of tool angles from one system to another.

Overview Machining is one of the basic and very important courses for the mechanical undergraduate students. Cutting fluids in grinding, honing, super-finishing. Failure of cutting tools and tool life. Process Parameters and setups. Finishing processes honing, laping burnishing and deburring.

Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering. Forces machinabiliyy and acting in machine tools. Alternative methods of diamond machining in practice also include diamond fly cutting and diamond milling. Kinematic system and operations of drilling machines. Send a message To: This course was added to your SpeedyCourse calendar. Use of various Attachments in Machine Tools.


Special purpose machines for thread cutting and gear cutting hobbing and shaping. The cutting tool is moved with sub-micron precision by a combination of electric motors and piezoelectric actuators. Quality of surface finish and form machinabi,ity is monitored throughout the manufacturing process using such equipment as contact and laser profilometerslaser interferometersoptical and electron microscopes.

Classification of grinding machines and their uses. Diamond turning is a multi-stage process. Shear zone, Chip formation, chip thickness measurements, machining mechanics of ductile and brittle materials.

Geometry of single point cutting tools. Don’t have an account? Basic working principle, configuration, specification and classification of machine tools. January 18 Monday — January 18 Monday.

The machined element is attached to an air chuck using negative air pressure and is usually centered manually using a micrometer. This course gives the basic understanding of the various machining processes and its physics.

Diamond turning

Or if you don’t have an account you can sign up as a Provider or as a Learner. Principles of assembly engineering, theory of dimensional chains, fully interchangeable and selective assembly. Machining forces and Merchant? Sign up for free.