LUCREZIA IDRO. LUCREZIA STEEL. Read these instructions carefully before installation, use and maintenance. The instruction booklet is an integral part of the. Fireplace pellets produced by the Italian company Extraflame. Improved automatic cleaning system of the fuel system. Heat exchanger with manual cleaning. Lucrezia Idro steel, is perfect with its essential design and smart red and black painted steel casing. This perfect construction using cutting edge technology with .

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Fireplace pellets produced by the Italian company Extraflame. The factory produces a circulating pump and expansion vessel, automatic heat exchanger cleaning and fireplace.

Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW

Protection against overheating, weekly programmable remote control. Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW. Side panels of steel. Send to friend Rate this product In wishlist Add to wishlist. We will contact you to finalize the order. Detailed description Reviews Detailed description.

Strel prices include VAT! Effective soot remover 1 kg Price: Antivibration Rubber Stand with Height 35 mm Price: How to choose a chimney 01 Dec Why heating with far infrared rays? Pestim energia at Stroyko exhibition from 24 to 28 October 20 Oct Far Infrared Hot Yoga 16 Dec How to clean your chimney effectively 05 Jan Save the lucrezla by doing this easy methods 01 Jan Ten clear signs our climate is changing 12 Dec Solar energy 09 Nov Warehouse heating 27 Oct Tips to save energy at home 21 Oct Infrared heating 01 Oct Pestim energia will be at the Plovdiv Fair, Wind energy 16 Aug Where to use a misting fan 16 Aug Why a chimney from ceramic elements?

Ozone stee, 04 Aug Electromagnetic spectrum 02 Aug Solar system for hot water Compact.


More about the efficiency 24 Jun What is the energy and how we extract it? How to cool our luucrezia efficiently with the help of evaporative coolers?

Evoparative coolers 26 Apr Dear ladies, men are able to clean the house, too! Five small changes in our everyday life 01 Jan Wonderful Christmass gift 08 Dec Pellet stove 14 Nov Water convectors 12 Nov Air curtains 16 Sep Opening of a new ‘We save energy’ store in Sofia 15 Sep Outdoor paint insolation 01 Apr Insulating paint for outdor use 27 Mar Ventilation – an important factor against mould 27 Feb This article is available only in the Bulgarian version of the site.


Extraflame Lucrezia Idro

Happy clients opinion – infrared heater BlackLite W 12 Feb As a winner in the competition, family Andreevi receives free heaters Infra Unique construction via solar module blocks — now at the Plovdiv fair! Innovative products for energy saving will be presented at the International Fair in Plovdiv this autumn 26 Sep Heat pumps 17 Sep European Commission proposes a higher and achievable energy savings target for 06 Aug New opportunities for European businesses, affordable energy bills for consumers, increased energy security through a significant reduction of natural Gemini Offshore Wind Farm: The Gemini offshore wind farm will be one of the largest wind farms in the world in terms of size and production.

It will be built in the Dutch part o Outdoor paint insolation 20 Jun Customer feedback on the system solar collector and water tank in one single unit 13 Mar The solar systems Compact are on the Bulgarian market 26 Feb They are the result of long years of developments run by Heating by electricity can be energy efficient 30 Dec The modern radiant heating systems work as the Sun — uniformly and in all directions, using the infrared spectre, which is the range used also by the Air Purifying Aircode 16 Jul Pestim energia attracted the attention of the visitors during the International Exhibition, which took place at the end of May in Inter Expo Centre, Sofia 08 Jun This type of heating brings in c Congratulations to the winners!

On Sunday the two winners in our lottery were drawn by a young client in Mall Galleria. Congratulations to Antoaneta and Stanimira! Looking for distributors for the system solar collector – water heater tank in one 07 Apr A grand event where some of the most p Would you like to receive an infrared panel for free?


Visit our store at Mall Galleria Stara Zagora, and you will participate in the company lottery, for free! On 15 April,the winners will be drawn Now you can visit us also in Stara Zagora! At the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in AutumnPestim energia was awarded odro Diploma for significant contribution to the dev Pellets 10 Oct New energy efficient materials — thermal ceramic coatings idrp Low-e component for wall and ceiling application 12 Mar In Augustdespite all the debate over a national definition, a municipal real estate company decided to attempt to build a Setel Passive House in Buy a product lkcrezia our store via “Energy Efficiency” credit in Bulgaria 16 Sep Banks in Bulgaria give EUR 54 million for energy saving.

Sliven – eco city of the future 10 Aug Now you can set different temperatures in rooms in houses or offices from a central unit or individual thermostats – easily and economically! Following the strict cr SuperShield Exterior Metal was applied to a roof with shingles.

Special measuring equipment has been placed in order to monitor temperatures under the Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 Lucreziaa. Its purpose is to promote wind energy and its contribution to the global low-car The ultra silent fan-coils Carisma are now on the market!

In line with innovative trends and modern industrial design, the Carisma fan coil range meet Pestim energia participates with lectors in a project financed by Intelligent Energy Europe 08 Jul How to live in a better way? Utilization of cogeneration systems is one of the measures leading to energy efficiency. Nanotechnology – Lotus Effect 19 Aug As you lucreza already know; rainwater is repelled by lotus plants.

Because these plants have a natural cleaning mechanism and raindrops have almost A seminar meeting – the modern chimney systems Schiedel 20 Dec SuperShield – insulation and protection from mould!

SuperShield is the newest thermoceramic coating on the market. In wishlist Add to wishlist.