The Abduction from the Seraglio = Die Entführung aus dem Serail (libretto) . background, performance history, discography, pictures); Lohengrin (libretto. This is an index of libretto pages in the Internet known to me. . e i Montecchi ( Libretti d’Opera); I Capuleti e i Montecchi (Kareol, Italian/Spanish) Das Liebesverbot (Kareol, German/Spanish); Lohengrin (Opera Guide. Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard) piano (arr); For harp, piano (arr); Scores featuring the harp; For harp (arr). Related Works, Pieces based on ‘ Lohengrin’.

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ELSA All the time she has been looking at Lohengrin, she has been unable to move, as if spellbound; but as soon as he addresses her she seems to wake up and falls down at his feet, overcome with joy My knight, my saviour! Liszt initially requested Wagner to carefully translate his essay on the opera from French into German, that he might be the principal and long-standing interpreter of the work [13] — a work which, after performing, he regarded as “a sublime work from one end to the other”.

Als Zeuge meiner Busse bleibe hier!

Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard)

The men standing on the higher ground near the river are the first to witness the arrival of Lohengrin, who is seen in the distance in a barque pulled by a swan. One day Elsa took the boy to the wood for a walk, but italianno returned without him; feigning concern she asked after her brother, for, having strayed a little from his side, she could not, so she said, find him again.

We your loyal friends beseech you! The most important thing is not to flee this place; so use your wit! Darf sie es wagen? The king with his Saxon levy enters from libreto left. Dass nie mein Auge je euch wieder bei ihr seh!


List of Libretti for Operas by Composer –

For German soil the German sword! Led by the king, Lohengrin and Elsa walk towards the minster door Elsa, erhebe dich! Behold, he is coming ever closer! Two watches sound the morning fanfare from the tower; an answer is heard from a distant tower. The swan slowly turns the barque around and swims back up the river.

Pieces based on ‘Lohengrin’. I know not what magic brought you here, stranger who stands so bold before me, but your arrogant threats will never stir me, for I am not wont lkhengrin lie. Elsa tells both of them that Ortrud was interrupting the ceremony. Edler Michael Gniffke 2. Chide me if I have been disobedient to you! Lohengrin fragt die zweifelnde Elsa erneut, ob sie ihm vertraue. If you allowed me to live with you, I would always be the beggar!

The dawn sky is slowly brightening; liibretto candles have gone out. As the singing fades away, Lohengrin sits down on the couch near the window and gently draws Elsa to him.

As the king reaches the top step with the couple, Elsa turns emotionally to Lohengrin, and he takes her in his arms. Elsa – Wie schlecht ihr des Gerichtes wahrtet, das doch die Ehre mir benahm, – da eine Frag ihr ihm erspartet, als er zum Gotteskampfe kam! Thus do I call loudly and clearly: L’Almanacco di Gherardo Casaglia in Italian. Elsa gestures, implying the answer “nothing! Natalia MacfarrenEnglish text. Mallinger also took the role of Elsa in the work’s premiere at the Berlin State Opera on 6 April The Grail will be angry with me if I stay longer!

We faithfully believe that your name is noble, even if it is never uttered! Mir, einem Weibe, drohn? In der Ferne wird Lohengrin wieder sichtbar. Seht dort ihn wieder nahn! To arouse just suspicion in her, come forward and accuse him of having used magic to confound the trial! A boat drawn by a swan appears on the river and in it stands a knight in shining armour.


ELSA after the initial shock, she has regained her composure You blasphemer! Does the force of doubt not leave in peace?

From the background is heared the cry: Ortrud, led by Elsa, feigns hesitation as she enters the small door; the maids light the way and close the door once everybody is inside.

I feel my heart fail at the sight of this noble, blessed man! The singing recedes ever further into the distance Faithfully guarded, remain behind, where the blessing of love shall preserve you! Ich darf dich nicht geleiten! Elsa, appear at this place!

Lohengrin (opera) – Wikipedia

Sie droht umzusinken; Lohengrin fasst sie in seine Arme. A miracle has happened, llhengrin miracle never before seen or heard! Ortrud warns Elsa that since she knows nothing about her rescuer, he could leave at any time as suddenly as he came, but Elsa is sure of the Knight’s virtues.

Alfred Roller – Lohengrin, 1. ELSA Seized with horror, she turns away in indignation; then she turns back to Ortrud, filled with sadness and compassion Piteous creature, can you not understand how a heart can love without harbouring dubts?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. They too assemble round their standard; the counts and nobles greet one another before examining and praising their arms etc.

Antwerp, First half of the tenth century Act One: Manifestation in the Square of the Opera in Paris against Wagner and Germany during the first representations of Lohengrin.