Larten Crepsley’s life as a human ends one grey day in the factory where he Birth Of A Killer, the first book of The Saga Of Larten Crepsley, went on sale on. Birth of a Killer is the first book in a new series that form a prequel to the best- selling sequence The Saga of Darren Shan, and tells the story of Larten Crepsley . When his cousin is murdered at the factory where they both work as child laborers, young Larten Crepsley commits a horrific act and must live on the run until he.

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This is his story. This site uses cookies. I am interested to find out more of Lartens story, such as how he got the scar, how he found Madame Octa, and how he met Arra Sails.

Sent to work in a Dickensian factory, young Larten kills the abusive drepsley and flees. The most satisfying part, however, is that the story of this book intertwines well with the main series. I found it enjoyable, and found it to be fairly light reading for me – it lasted one day in which I had a lot of spare time and a train journey.

Plus, for adults, he released The City Trilogy originally under the name of D. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The story follows how Larten became Seba Nile’s assistant, then his life progress afterwards. The action was great, the story was interesting, and the characters were interesting.

Birth of a Killer by Darren Shan

Having killed the boss in front of the other children that had been working to support their families in his poor neighborhood, word spread like wildfire, all heck broke loose, and soon enough, the whole village was hunting him down with a penalty equal to the punishment given to a vampire.


Unfortunatley Vur was too smart for his own burth and always manages to get himself and Larten out of trouble which makes him especially hated by Traz and eventually leads to his death by the hand of Traz. Scared of what will happen next, he flees the city and finds an old graveyard to spend the night in.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Basically, this book outlines the basics of Larten’s life before he became a vampire, and then some of the events afterward – including how he met Mr Tall, where the name of his alias, Kilper Horsten, came from, and his first meetings with Mr Tiny.

At times, the pacing feels rather rushed with the effort to introduce many important characters, settings, and themes from Shan’s “Cirque du Freak” saga Little, Brown. Although in familiar territory this book never seems like a reproduction of the previous series. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They leave lartrn shame, and come into the company of a vampire who’s out to enjoy life.

Birth of a Killer

Quotes from Birth of a Killer. Julia Boyer Reinstein Library. As I said in the previous paragraph, I enjoyed reading the book. Learning more about Larten after having read kil,er him over a series of twelve books was stunning and my love for the character grew so much just over these pages.

Birth Of A Killer – Darren Shan – Author

And I’m very satisfied to read that. A cliff-hanger ending promises further revelations. View all 9 comments.


He lands up in a graveyard, in where he meets Seba nile who takes him in as his assistant. However, once Larten attended his first Council I realised just how immature and naive he was in vampire terms and this side of his personality made much more sense. The book ends as they decide to travel with him. This is exactly the kind of society that we see birty his vampires – some wish to lord it over all and sundry, testing their physical abilities to the extreme during the Festival of Death, whilst largen younger vampires rebel by playing cards and drinking in a side tunnel.

At times I felt that although getting older in years, Larten’s character did not necessarily seem to be maturing in the same way. I found the book to be entertaining at parts, good enough to finish, but not so much that I had to finish it in one night. More books like this.

Darren Shan Grubbs Grady thinks he’s having a bad day when he’s caught smoking and sent home from school. Also writes books for adults under the name Darren Dash.

Retrieved from ” http: One of the key characters in that series was Larten Crepsley, the vampire that first blooded Darren Shan, thus turning him into a creature of the night.

Darren Shan was able to successfully use description and tone so that he could creat a captivating story about a well known, yet intriguing topic. Another thing I loved about this book: