Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. It is also believed that Lord Krishna used to shake his head as a sign of approval for the slokas of this great work(Sri Krishna Karnamrutham) that He approved.

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Let all our problems be solved by the child Krishna who is a rogue, Who when kissed by Gopis as he was a child tasted their lips, Who when embraced as a child, caressed their necks till they are red, And who when they make him sit on their lap made them, Squirm with shyness by touching again and again their private parts. I salute that light which has a very pretty form, Which krisna being saluted by groups of saints, Which peers at the breasts and hips of the vallava maidens, Which has very pretty eyes krkshna lotus flowers, Which does service to heart melting prayers and Vedic manthras, And which is blue like the water rich cloud.

Log in Request account. I salute the pair of lotus like feet of Krishna, Who has shown karnamruthaam child form because of mercy, And whose feet has become pretty due to the association, With flower garlands of Devas who salute those feet.

How is it that though he was a boy he lifted a karnnamrutham, Though he is blue in colour, he shows light in darkness, Though he is brave he is tied by the eyes of Radha, Though a secret lover, he saves us from domestic life?

The Swamiyar used to reject all those sloka that did not get His approval.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam – Wikipedia

In Gokula, to satisfy the loud complaints against Krishna, His mother tied him at the belly with krishan rope krishha to tie cows. Krisyna vilasa murali ninaadhaamruthena, Sinjinnu danchithamidham mama karna yugmam, Aayathi may nayana bandhur ananya bandhuRananda kandalitha keli kadaksha lakshya.

Let us be made pure by that Krishna. There is a story that people were sent to Trivandrum to get a full book as only the first chapter was available in Andhra Pradesh. I salute the son of Vasudeva who wanders in Vruja, Who has jingle making bangles in hand and feet, Who has a golden thread tied around his hips, And whose hair is tied by a golden karnamfutham chain.

I pray Govinda who likes the sweet songs of the flute, Whose body is well ornamented, who is of the colour of fully open blue lotus, Who has a face like moon, who lovingly wears peacock feathers on his hair, Who has the mole called Srivathsa on his chest, Who wears the emerald called Kousthubha on his neck, Who wears yellow silk, who is very pretty, Who is being worshipped by the blue lotus flower like eyes of Gopis, And who is completely surrounded by cows and cowherds.

And when I will be lucky to get my mind cooled by the music of your flute? Being the one who keeps on moving his eye brows, Marnamrutham per the beat karnamrrutham clapping and play by the young girls, Being the one who plays flute along with songs by Gopis, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well.

For I do not know any thing that is sweeter than the lotus like face, Which is like the sea of good acts of Nanda gopa, Which are opened by the music of flute along with Veena, And which are like the lotus like face that enjoys them.

Let us be protected by the child form of Krishna, Which is the king of Yadavas, which is being drunk, By the mind of sages attracted by him from foot to head, And which is the taste which is enjoyed by Gopis. He is the one who removes pains of the mind of sages, He is the one who stole the dress of the proud Vruja maidens, He is the one who stole the pride of Indra, the king of devas, And he is the one who entered my mind and stole it.


I am hunting for the lord, who is the well matured sweetness, Whose shine wins over the water laden black clouds, Who is extremely playful, who decorates his hair with peacock feathers, Who has a mind stealing lotus like face, who steals the glances of Goddess Lakshmi, And who takes care of all his devotees of this universe. Let us be protected by the king of Yadhus, Who is surrounded by Gopa and Gopis, Who while sitting on the throne, put a Thilaka by musk, On the forehead of Rukhmani sitting on his lap, Touching with glee her breasts, Which lead to a smile at each other, Which was the worship of the God of love they both did.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

Oh God,with the attractive pretty form of a child, Oh god,whose face wears the very sweet sound of flute, Please make at least a small part of your innate sweetness, Descend and shine in my words. Why should we search for another place of safety, When he is the diamond armour to his devotees, And we can seek his protection in the form of the cowherd Krishna, Which form has been taken by the conch bearing Lord Vishnu.

When I will be lucky enough to you personally come before me, With a sweet face resembling the full moon of autumn, And play your flute and break my Samadhi, Oh great sea,which is full of mercy. Let us be protected by the God of this world, Who has lips which are smiling, Who plays cool nectar of music from his flute, Who has eyes which travel hither and thither, Who has side long glances with the pride of youth, And who is being embraced by the goddess Lakshmi on his chest.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

Let our mind be full of that karnamruthaj light, Which has a smile which is always new, Which is the shower nectar in the eyes of people who see, And which is the proper place for the breasts of Gopis. With karnamrugham mind I salute Krishna, the son of Vasudeva, As a very small child, as one who is black as the Athasi flowers, As the one who wears no cloths as a child, who wears ornaments of gold, And as the one who has untied hair and one with reddish lips.

When my soul is preparing to travel away, Let that Child Krishna who is interested, In the two breasts of the Gopa lasses, Slowly and slowly play the flute, And appear before me in his form of love. Except near the breasts of the pretty Gopis, Who had peculiar type of lines in their hands, And the heart of great sages meditating him, And below the trees of the pleasant Brindavan, Where else can we see the great Lord?

When the playful glances from black eyes of gopis, Which are ever shifting, shine like fishes, In the flow of ganges of heaven of the karnakrutham pearl drops, That hang on the nose of Lord Krishna, And when karnamruthm very busy curved krisnna of the top of their foreheads, Become bee like when they approach his lotus like feet, At that time let that Krishna wearing yellow silk protect us. Andholithagra bhujamakula nethra leelaa, Mardhra smithar dhrava vadanambhuja chandra bimbam, Sinjena bhooshana satham sikhi pincha moulim, Seetham vilochana rasayana mabhuyupaithi.

Lotus like feet which is incomparable wealth of sages, And the lotus like face being the wealth of Vruja lasses. He thanked Lord Krishna for showing the true destiny of his life and immersed himself in devotional service to Lord Krishna. Being kissed in the eye by pretty damsels with the face of moon, And being the Lord of Gopas, herds of cows and Gopi maidens, And being the lover and a sweet God for the groups of Vallava maidens, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well.

Victory to Lord Krishna who is my life, For when the buds of youth comes out from him, The ornaments and decorations of childhood slips away, And he has that which shine with feelings of passion, And he has the nectar of smile of love which makes others swoon, His looks change every moment and are new always, He has a mouth which drinks the music of love from his flute, And he attracts and bewitches all the three worlds.


That was the turning point for Bilva Mangala. I karnamruthan about some cowherd boy, Who wears red hallaka flowers in his ears, By which both his cheeks are shining, Who is searched by the words of Karnamrufham, And whose tender fingers has the sweet scent, Due to the contact with the hair of Gopis. When will he cool our minds, By showing his head wearing peacock feathers, Suitable to be worn by a child like him, And by showering the honey from, His moon like face on karnamruthak Having taken the role of cowherd himself, Krjshna Lord is a wonder which cannot be explained, And krishnna the only medicine for the sufferings of this world, And so let him again, again and again shine in my mind.

Let us be protected by Lord Krishna who grants joy to devas, Who in the ktishna rink appeared like a mountain to Chanoora, Who appeared like a child to others, who appeared like an ordinary man to Gopas, Who appeared like the God of love holding an arrow of flowers to ladies, Who appeared as the divine God whose body is the universe to Indra, Who appeared like an angry Krishnw of death by Kamsa, who has eyes reflecting fear, And who appeared as the God to be meditated upon by Yogis.


Let oarnamrutham be protected by the splendour of the body Of Krishna, Which makes crowds of cows to go there to kirshna water thinking it is Yamuna, Kanramrutham makes crowds of peacocks open their feathers and dance thinking it is dark cloud, Which makes Gopis go near to pinch it for wearing it in their ears thinking it is new leaves of a tree, And which is the powerful splendour of Krishna, who punished Kaliya serpent. Oh God who plays the lute, I keep on hunting for your face, Which is having, a big crop of hair, Which is decorated, by peacock feathers, Which has eyes, that keep on shifting, Which has red pretty lips, similar to Bimba [7] fruits, Which has a soft smile, which is similar to honey, And which at first look itself appears as generous.

I salute Lord Krishna, who is full of happiness of childhood, Who wears shining peacock feather on his head, Who has a face which has a very pretty smile, Who has a rotating side long glance from his eyes, Who grants great happiness to those who surrender to him, Who is of the blue karnamruthqm of the newly formed cloud, And who is fully complete due to his own personal sweetness.

I again and again meditate on the light wanted by the entire world, Who has a very natural smiling lips, who has a look dripping mercy, Who has a mind bewitching lotus like face, who has a sweet dripping smile, Who depends on the heart of his devotees and gives pleasure to the eye of Gopis. We meditate upon that great light, Which is beyond words to describe, Which is an incomparable medicine, Which is dual less sweetness, And which is sandal paste applied on the breasts of Gopis.

Salutations to the gift of God to Yasoda, who is indescribable great light, And to him who saw and saw the lotus like face of Radha and grew greater. Oh Sandhyavandana, let good befall you, Oh bathing, my salutations to you, Of Devas and manes, I am not good at Tharpana ritual, And so please pardon me for all that, And I wash of all my sins by sitting some where, And meditating on Krishna who is the ornament to Yadava clan, And who killed the bad man called Kamsa, And I believe that it is sufficient to do that and so what else is needed?

I salute that child,as the wish giving tree of Brindavana, Where pecock which is the steed of Subrahmanya dances On seeing the black hair of Krishna thinking that it is a cloud, Where Nandi the bull of Lord Shivasmells out the cows passionately, And where the elephant Iravatha the steed of Indra learns to walk from Krishna.