Constructing National Interests is a brilliant piece of work that yields Jutta Weldes asks why this occurrence in particular should be cast as a crisis, and how . ; 2; European Journal of International Relations. JUTTA WELDES. Constructing National Interests Constructing National Interests: The United States and the Cuban Missile JUTTA WELDES . 5 Constructing the Cuban Missile Crisis: The Problem of Cuba.

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Here, Weldes analyzes the so-called Cuban missile crisis as a means to rethink the idea of national interest, a notion central to both the study and practice of international relations.

Constructing National Interests is a brilliant piece of work that yields historically and theoretically important conclusions. Weldes shows that it is possible to use nontraditional methods and epistemologies and yet be clear, subtle, sophisticated, insightful, and persuasive.


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Constructing National Interests — University of Minnesota Press

Why did the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba constitute a crisis for U. It was, Weldes suggests, more a matter of discursive construction than of objective facts or circumstances. Constructing National Interests shows how this process allowed for a redefining of the weldfs, interests, and likely actions of various states, so that it seemed to logically serve the U. University of Minnesota Press.

Constructing National Interests

Representing Missiles in Cuba 2. The View from the ExComm 3. Constructing National Interests 4. Constructing the Cuban Missile Crisis: Cold War Representations 5. The Problem of Cuba 6.

Constructing national interests | Jutta Weldes –

Identity and National Interests: National Interests and Common Sense. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. Home Current Catalogs Blog.

Search Site only in current section. Uses the Cuban missile crisis to examine a concept central to International relations. Tags Political ScienceGeography.

The Problem of National Interests 1.