My Stroke of Insight () is a non-fiction book by American author Jill Bolte Taylor. In it, she tells of her experience in of having a stroke in her left. Jill Bolte Taylor was in her late 30s when a blood vessel exploded in her brain. The irony? Taylor is a neurological researcher. While a stroke. The astonishing New York Times bestseller that chronicles how a brain scientist’s own stroke led to enlightenment On December 10, , Jill Bolte Taylor.

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When I felt my spirit surrender, I said goodbye to my life. But perhaps most important, it’s that little voice that says to me, “I am.

A Brain Scientist With A ‘Stroke Of Insight’

It makes me wonder if it is possible that some of these children have suffered mini strokes at some bote Fear of medical bills is apparently deeply entrenched in our neural circuitry. Here I am with my mama, who is a true angel in my life. Jill Bolte Tayor was a year old neuroanatomist when she experienced a massive stroke tahlor severely damaged the left hemisphere of her brain.

What is going on?

Her training is in the postmortem investigation of the human brain as it relates to schizophrenia and the severe mental illnesses. It was a quick read, and I found the section on caring for someone who is in this non-verbal state especially helpful. But after the first few chapters, Taylor wanders off into the la-la land of pseudoscience, pop psych mythology, personal opinion, and belief.

It had moments of greatness, and moments of “really? It’s definitely been on my mind for the past few days, despite my irritation with it. sstroke

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey by Jill Bolte Taylor

Imagine trying to be in the world where you suddenly can’t talk and can’t read! And in the course of four hours, I watched my brain bolhe deteriorate in its ability to process all information.


She is not a clinician. Eventually, the whole number gets dialed and I’m listening to the phone, and my colleague picks up the phone and he says to me, “Woo woo woo woo. Her brain and her cells are beautiful! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Bolte Taylor’s journey back into both sides of her brain, after the left hemisphere of her brain took an unauthorized 8 year sabbatical is a story that needs to be required reading for staff at nursing homes, assisted living centers From the anatomically correct stained glass brain on jikl front which the author made, a second version displayed at Harvard to the back cover praise, this is an intriguing, educational, dually mindful book about the 50 trillion cells that make a human pf go.

I’d read one paragraph, move on to the tylor, and then have to return to the previous paragraph to try and find the difference between the two other than word order. I absolutely couldn’t stand this book.

The left cerebral hemisphere tayoor supposed to be the coldly logical, verbal and dominant half of the brain, while the right developed a reputation as the imaginative side, emotional, spatially aware but suppressed. And yet from the way s I absolutely couldn’t stand this book. I am a wonderful living being capable of beaming my energy into the world, only because of them. I am here, now, thriving as life.

As I held my hands up in front of my face and wiggled my fingers, I was simultaneously perplexed and intrigued. A blood vessel exploded in the left half of my brain. She thinks differently to how she did before the stroke. The audiences for these things are really different, and to successfully blend them would take a much more compelling writing style than Taylor’s.

After Bolte Taylor’s representative, transmedia agent and attorney Ellen Stieflerconducted an auction for bilte publishing rights to “My Stroke of Insight,” Penguin won the book. And my spirit soared free, like a great whale gliding through the sea of taglor euphoria. Yet the right brain is linked to high creativity Her pop-psych perspective talor informed by science. I closed the bedroom window blind to block the incoming stream of light from stinging my eyes.


It took her about the same number of minutes 35 to piece together the images in her right brain her left was hemorrhaging in order to inaight her colleague at Harvard.

Despite all this, I rated the book 4 stars. Taylor spends the rest of the book sharing her recovery experience, including the epiphany that she had as a result of the stroke.

Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript | TED

Instead we have to read chapter after chapter of 4th grade happy talk. And our left hemisphere thinks in language. Jill Bolte Taylor is an American neuroanatomist, author, and public speaker. Though Bolte Taylor does not specifically mention religion in the book, her numerous allusions to prayer, visualization, energy, and oneness make it clear that she subscribes to a certain kind of belief system that her experiences are filtered through.

Jill Bolte Taylor

What an unfathomable concept! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although she was a neuroanatomist prior to the stroke, the book is not science-y at all. Yes, VERY lucky and extremely fortunate for everything everyone—and especially her mom—did to help her over her eight-year recovery period as she continued struggling and progressing toward such amazing end-results! However, neither of these things could dull my appreciation of the information she shared.

Jill says “I wait 90 seconds. Our right human hemisphere is all about this present moment.