Bestselling master of suspense Jeffery Deaver is back with a brand-new Lincoln Rhyme thriller. Lincoln Rhyme and partner/paramour Amelia Sachs return to. The Broken Window: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel. Jeffery Deaver, Author. Simon & Schuster $ (p) ISBN When “” learns the identities of the crime-fighting team, the hunters become the hunted. Full of Deaver’s trademark plot twists, The Broken Window will put.

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When Lincoln’s estranged cousin Arthur Rhyme is arrested wwindow murder charges, the case is perfect — too perfect. They recover a bag of evidence he had brought to plant, which he tossed into a trash can during his escape. He slowly usurps the victims’ identity and plays them like a spider with a fly in her web.

The Broken Window (Lincoln Rhyme, #8) by Jeffery Deaver

Soon Lincoln and Amelia uncover a string of similar murders and rapes with perpetrators claiming innocence and ignorance — despite ironclad evidence at the scenes of the crime.

I don’t care who you are, putting ‘v’ve at the end of a word is simply not acceptable. Built the moment you are born, it’s all permanent, copied, and indestructible. I’m referring to a particular file maintained by this data collection company, the table of contents of this file takes up 13 pages of the novel, all listing information that is likely out there and possibly accessible.

The Broken Window: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel

Brokken finds her car has been repossessed, although her father bought it in cash decades earlier. Rhymes realizes that this windlw be the source of all the necessary data. He is unaware at first that Lincoln is on the case, although his wife eventually tells him. Videos About This Book.

This is a Lincoln Rhyme novel that delves into the world of data-mining and during this story he certainly does not pull his punches when it comes to giving a moral judgement over this industry.

Turns out Rhymes found her through a combination of the data mining info plus the deduction that the cayenne tye on the killer’s knife was from pepper spray, making the most likely suspect a security guard at SSD. Forensic evidence from Arthur’s home is found all over the scene of the crime, and it looks like the fate of Lincoln’s relative is sealed. Hidden in this book is a thriller and whodunit, the murder of a woman gets Rhymes cousin into trouble being used as a sacrificial lamb for a horrible The best reason for rereading a book is getting it in a better edition, in this case a Hard covered version which meant that the paperback has been retired.


I think he really shows the dangers of all the invasion of privacy issues we deal with in our daily deaer, showing just how all the seemingly random bits of data collected in our lives can and are probably right now being used by Big Brother to track our every move.

Meanwhile Lincoln has realized that SSD has lied about the data it collects, the files they released are clearly a fraction of the data collected, the real files contain mountains of data on every person, including realtime updates on their whereabouts and purchases any time they pass a CCTV, use a credit card, or move near an RFID chip reader.

Deaver’s frequent habit is to put one or several big twists at the end of his books – there’s bromen much of that in this one, but I don’t consider that critical to my enjoyment. Of course the level at which these folks are collecting data is absurd, but I’ll chalk that up to the fictional big conspiracy trope. I’m not even a programmer, so I’m not going to nitpick on that front, but his use of the term “jewel box” made me laugh. These Rhyme novels all follow a similar pattern, but are usually coupled with a great deal of research into the theme.

This is a really scary and good book – enjoyed its insight on idenitity theft and data. They are able to deduce who the most likely frame-up victim will be and they arrive at his house first.

Which triggers Rhymes attention and starts him on a road about identity theft and loss of privacy in the face of modern society and its needs. I really didn’t like it. Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr. But how does he do it?

This guy who practically eats and breathes through technology. I listened to this novel on CD narrated expertly by George Guidall.

I don’t know how a person like this is able to do what he does in this book without anyone being able to stop him. He takes over lives of others and leaves a trail of destruction in the process.


The Broken Window – Wikipedia

It was very scary how he could screw with and screw up so many lifes…without much effort. Still, Rhyme and Sachs and their assembled team begin uncovering a chilling pattern of vicious crimes and coverups, and their investigation points to one master criminal, whom they dub ” They contact an online shoe company they think the killer used, and the company reveals they use a data mining company called Strategic Systems Datacorp, which is based in NY. To ask other readers questions about The Broken Windowplease sign up.

Unfortunately the cemetery groundskeeper notices the killer and is suspicious, the killer stabs him and escapes. Other books in this series. Sachs was following the clues to his doorstep. Lincoln Rhyme Book 7. In this eighth book in the series, wheelchair-bound criminalist Lincoln Rhyme and his partner, detective Amelia Sachs, are drawn into the investigation when Lincoln’s cousin Arthur Rhyme is arrested for murder. We get jeffer killer’s POV in this one, and honestly I had a hard time with it.

Deaver never disappoints, and this novel shines Mark Timlin in Independent on Sunday show more. Now he desperately needs the help of his cousin, Lincoln Rhyme. Soon Lincoln and Amelia uncover a string of similar murders and rapes with perpetrators claiming innocence and ignorance — despite ironclad evidence at the scenes of the crime. Masterminds What’s the weirdest way you’ve killed a character.

But Brokrn steps in with a subpoena of their own, demanding the return of every piece of data they supplied. Well, I guess his focus wasn’t so much that as privacy issues. The women he choose Amelia visits and finds Jorgensen to be a deeply paranoid man. And I have to say that this book was highly repetitive from beginning to end.

Jun 19, Mary rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Further investigation leads them to some startlingly Orwellian revelations: