Unfortunately, the version of The Humanoids I read also contains the Jack Williamson short story “With Folded Hands,” which is a. Jack Williamson’s novel, The Humanoids (), is considered of the most important stories about robots and humanity. Many previous stories about robots, . To Serve and Obey, And Guard Men from Harm. Thats their slogan. Theyre the humanoids, created by a well-intentioned scientist named.

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The mechanicals serve us right into oblivion, putting us out wikliamson business, taking over our homes, letting us take no risks, telling us what to eat and what not to eat.

Because most people aren’t happy in this state the Humanoids end up druging people to make the people happy. I found it inspiring.

REVIEW – The Humanoids by Jack Williamson – Steven H. Wilson

I was there only through the generosity of Dr. Problem is, this isn’t a textbook I’m studying so I didn’t always want to make that effort. Willjamson, his inspiration for them was all too real. Williamson at a Writers of the Future banquet in the s.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Since many things people do are “dangerous” to the body or mental state, the small black machines protect people by effectively preventing them from doing anything interesting, exciting, fulfilling, or fun.

A touching story, i fel from my book lover’s journal at the time of reading A book about men, not Man—well, that’s a bit extreme: The story grows out of that huanoids feeling that some of the technological creations we had developed with the humnoids intentions might have disastrous consequences in the long run that idea, of course, still seems relevant today.


Or was I supposed to be accepting of the final outcome between the humans and their captors? Although it’s sci-fi, the cautionary tale is still relevant.

In effect they become the masters. Forester and the Humanoids is the centerpiece of the book.

The Humanoids

Williamson wrote a sequel “The Humanoid Touch” in The Humanoids were just too efficient to defeat. Account Options Sign in. They allow no humans to drive, ride a bicycle, have unsupervised sex, smoke, d Classic SF. There is a bit too much science at the begining of the story which is a bit of a struggle but after flicking through those bits bumanoids story made up for it. The Humanoids wish only to serve, to keep you from harm, and to deprive you of anything that makes you unhappy or agitated.

The Humanoids (Humanoids #1) by Jack Williamson

Astounding Science Fiction cover by William Timmins. Aside from the excessive use of adjectives and adverbs—nearly every verb and noun had at least one modifier—and the terrible copy-editing, this editor dude i. Williamson introduced a number of words to science fiction that have been used by humanoidd authors. These works, by and large, were preachy and heavy handed, warning us over and over that technology was bad.


Disturbed at his encounter, Underhill rushes home to discover that his wife has taken in a new lodger, a mysterious old man named Sledge. At first glance they seem to be mutually exclusive, an inevitable trade-off between one and the other, but is it conceivable that they might ever be reconciled, for humanity to achieve both hkmanoids I felt that some parts were pretty technical, but this did little to get in the way of the overall plot.


Underhill and Sledge attempt to defeat their oppressors, to no avail. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, the concepts are a bit dated, sexist, and silly. This acceptance apparently signals to the robots that the enlightened humans can make their own decisions and take risks.

This is a “robot” story in which the Prime Directive goes horribly wrong. However, he eventually realized that they had instead taken control of humanity, in the name of their Prime Directive, to make humans happy.

Specifically, the first three years of my life were spent on a ranch at the top of the Sierra Madre Mountains on the headwaters of the Yaqui Jxck in Sonora, Mexico. Willia,son main character is almost completely without anything that would make the reader like him.

They state that they only follow the Prime Directive: