The constitution is the supreme law of the country and all other laws are subordinate to it. Any laws inconsistent with the constitution are declared void to the. Jan 15, Interim Constitution of Nepal (), which has been made through a political understanding and to be in force until a new constitution is. Apr 10, The Interim Constitution as published here includes the changes made by the five amending Acts –the Interim Constitution of Nepal (First.

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Then there would be quite a celebrations, dancing like the girl in next blog! Depth of constittuion religion if you want to follow onedoes not worry about the shape of a flag; whether it should have a star or sun or moon or a planet.

Economically, socially or educationally backward women, Dalit, Ethnic Tribes, Madheshi community, oppressed class, poor farmers and labourers shall have the right to participate in the state restructuring on the basis of proportional inclusive principles.

Miss Jillabashi, You want to change over night, right?

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part I – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

Provided that — this sub-clause shall not prevent the arrest of any member on a criminal charge under the law. Notify me of new posts via email. If a question arises as to whether any member of the Constituent Assembly is disqualified or has ceased to possess any of the qualifications set forth in Article 65, the final decision shall be made by the Constituent Assembly Court.

Anon, How dare you attach Bloody Gyane with hinduism! The State shall pursue the policy of encouraging maximum participation of women in national development by interi special provisions for their education, health and employment.

Even prachanda says Mr. I am personally very happy with it. We are peace loving people who are tolerant. Election Commission Part So, is nepaal really fair to make the king bereft of all the powers if the above pionts are taken into account? WHatever changes the government and parties have made, the army is still loyal to the king.

The exploiting actions shall be punishable by the law and the person who is treated in such manner shall be compensated in accordance with the law.

However, the king exercised much stronger authority than in the regime. But, again, I am really skeptical about the king being mareko syaal. Its institutions were put in place in and through a series of direct and indirect elections in all governing levels.

The original text of the Preamble. Even if the Prime Minister is relieved from his position pursuant to Clause 7, the existing Council of Ministers shall continue to function until a new Council of Ministers is constituted. 2036 the policy of establishing the rights of all citizens to education, health, housing, employment, and adequate food.


The State shall constitutino a policy of uplifting economically and socially backward indigenous ethnic groups, Madhesis, Dalits, including marginalized communities, labourers and farmers living below poverty line by making provisions for reservations on education, health, housing, adequate food and livelihoods for a fixed period of time. If the proposal prescribed in Clause 3 is accepted, then the bill shall be discussed sectionwise in the House or concerned committee.

The Constitution while constituiton work as legislative with necessary adjustments in provisions of part 9 shall implement the Constituent Assembly. No discrimination against as untouchable shall be made against any person on the basis of caste, lineage, community or occupation. If the detailed sectionwise discussion in the House is completed and after the sectionwise discussion in the committee and discussion on the report completes, then the member introducing the bill shall present contsitution proposal to be passed by the legislature.

Well, this is nothing new then what we already knew when the draft was submitted except 0263 they decided to keep quiet on the monarchy. That means the king will continue being mareko syaal, well, at least in paper. With the protest ongoing since August 15, or earlier, at least 45 people, including 8 security personals 203 one Indian National, have been killed.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister, State Minister and Assistant Minister shall be relieved from their respective offices in the following circumstances: No member of Parliament shall constigution arrested during the session of the parliament.

Right to Education and Culture: What makes us Nepali? In one hand, the dossier that will come in effect very soon keeps mum about the role of the king whose power has already been stripped off; it gives all the authorities of the Head of the State HoS to the prime minister in the other. It has articles on citizenship, fundamental rights, responsibilities, directive principles and policies of the State, the Executive, Legislature-Parliament, the Constituent Assembly, the legislative procedure, the financial procedure, the Judiciary, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, the Auditor General, the Public Service Commission, the Election Commission, the National Human Rights Commission, the Attorney General, structure of State and constitutioj self-governance, political parties, emergency powers, provisions regarding the army, amendment of the Constitution and transitional provisions.

I think the interim consitution establishes the foundation for the complete democracy with the sovereignty of the nation on the people of Nepal, with strong provision to protect civil liberty yet provisions to resolve the social discriminations with progressive regulations. Costitution personally propose to design the national flag with Eight Stars shining on the background of the Shagarmatha over the green valley with some Laliguras flowers. The big questions is does SPAM know that. Every citizen shall constitutuon the right to free education up to secondary level in accordance with the fo made in the law by the state.

  IEC 60584-2 PDF

We blog for peace and democracy in Nepal. The international relations of the State shall be directed towards enhancing the dignity of the nation in the international arena by maintaining the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the country. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Any person should possess the following qualifications to qualify as a member of the Constituent Assembly: Notwithstanding anything contained in this part, a portion of the expenditure estimated for the fiscal year may be incurred in advance by an Act when an Appropriation Bill is under consideration.

The Nepal Government xonstitution make available the necessary employees required to execute the work of the House. National Human Cinstitution Commission Part If that is the case, then we are not ready yet.

Notwithstanding sub-article 2 the usage of mother language at local bodies and offices shall not be considered objectionable. Any Minister, Minister of State or Assistant Minister who ingerim not the member of Legislative-Parliament can attend the meeting of the Legislative-Parliament or any of its Committee meetings. Heretic, you are right not all muslims are knterim, but none not even a single one will condemn their clan for terrorist activity which kills innocent child and women.

The arrested person should be brought before judicial authority within 24 hours of the arrest excluding the time required to travel. The constitution is largely written in gender neutral terms.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part I – English

Under the terms of the Interim Constitution, the new constitution was to be promulgated by April 28,but the Constituent Assembly postponed the promulgation by a year because of disagreements. I want to all friends to argue about the secularism not about brahmin, limbus, rais and etc. The main objective of the be to protect the lives, property and independence of people, maintain equality, establish a just system in social, economic and political spheres including all aspects of national life, and promote a democratic system based on an open society.

The provision in part d shall not be applied in the case of Constituent Assembly Chairperson or Vice Chairperson.