matrices significantly differing from each other were chosen for investigations. Matrices similar to O3 and O4 are the most often applied in the foundry practice. Device connected. O3-O4. Lighter. O5-O6. CH pump. O7-O8. Burn Feeder*. O9- Burn feeder / Container Feeder*. Fan. Diagram 1 – Assignment of. TES Instrukcja szybkiej instalacji . P1: O1: P2: O2: P3: O3: P4: O4: Po podùàczeniu Switcha do gniazdka elektrycznego nie zapalajà siæ diody.

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TinkerKit is a tool used to build interactive products in a simplified way and in a short amount of time.

They can be instructed to do different activities, depending on the kind of actuator, from making light to motion and controlling other devices. Just like the modules, it is split in two parts: Each part has six ports, numbered from 0 to 5.

  EN 1515-4 PDF

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Be careful to not bend the pins when you plug it on top of the board. Now plug the other end of the cable into the I0 port 3o the TinkerKit Shield.

You should have something like this:. Instrukcma we are going to do now is to make the LED react at the amount of light in the room.

TinkerKit Tutorial: Basics: 01 – Introduction | CAROBOT Electronics

To do so we need to give the modules the right instructions. The Arduino board works like a small brain: Alternatively, you can download them from GitHub Code and Library. Now your LED should react at the insttukcja of light received by the light sensor.

Take a look at the other examples and get familiar with all the different modules.

For each example, in the top lines of the code, there are instructions on how to connect the modules. Get familiar with the Arduino Software, play with the existing code by modifying the examples, save your experiments and start to organize your Arduino Folder.


Hi, I cant find the tinkerkit example submenu, and I installed the library correctly, so I was wondering how I could get the submenu to inztrukcja. How did you install the library?

Instrukcja o3 o4 pdf

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