Se han revisado ocho pacientes con isquemia cerebelosa aguda que fueron intervenidos. Los hallazgos clínicos fueron cefalea, vómitos y disminución del nivel. Hello everybody: I’m looking for a translation for the following medical term: infarto cerebeloso izquierdo. The context is a medical discharge. Resumen. GONZALEZ POMPA, José Antonio et al. Cerebella infarction in the immediate puerperium. Rev Cubana Obstet Ginecol [online]. , vol, n.2, pp .

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Report of two cases and literature review. Only a few cases have been described, none following a decompressive craniectomy. The CSF accumulated in the subdural space of the posterior fossa and continued to dissect through the tentorial notch into the supratentorial compartment. Pediatr Neurol, 16pp.

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January Pages Pediatr Neurosurg, 27pp. Two days after the surgery the patient was asymptomatic and the hygromas had disappeared in the control CT scan at one month Fig. T2 coronal cerbeeloso month after the shunting shows big bilateral hygromas over the cerebellum convexity, extending to the posterior interhemispheric fissure. Emerg Med Clin North Am, 15pp.

Infarto cerebeloso en el puerperio inmediato

The previous week she had suffered from a transitory ischemic attack that resolved spontaneously. These could suggest that the bigger arachnoidal gaps provided more fluid getting out and dissecting to the subdural space, ihfarto more severe symptoms. SJR uses a similar algorithm as the Google page rank; it provides a quantitative and qualitative measure of the journal’s impact. A higroma-ventricle-peritoneal shunt solved the symptoms of the patient.


Neurosurgery, 34pp. Clinical, radiological features and surgical considera-tions. Brain death was diagnosed after 48 hours. The CT scan shows a hemispheric cerebellar infarction with important mass effect and hydrocephalus. The type of surgery was drainage of the lateral ventricle in four cases, ventricular-peritoneal cerwbeloso in one case and descompressive sub-occipital craniotomy one of these needed ventricular-peritoneal derivation in three cases.

Up to date six cases of symptomatic subdural hygromas in adults have been reported by different authors 1,2,4,5all of them secondary to posterior fossa decompression. After the improvement, she started worsening again, and a ventricular catheter was implanted in the biggest hygroma of posterior cranial fossa and connected to the shunt with a Y-shape connector. After the cerebellar infarction and the subsequent decompressive craniectomy a disruption in the CSF dynamics occurred with liquid getting out of the fourth ventricle into the subdural space and with a flap-valve effect.

Cerebral angiography showed left vertebral artery dissection with distal pseudoaneurysm and marked basilar occlusion. Symptomatic subdural cerebfloso as a complication of foramen magnum decompression for hindbrain herniation Arnold-Chiari deformity.

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The vertigo of the initial cerebellar infarction had clearly resolved and there were cerebeolso other signs of a new ischemia to explain the clinical worsening, the clinical symptoms were typical of an expanding mass.

Infarto cerebeloso izquierdo | WordReference Forums

Acute obstructive hydrocephalus associated with infratentorial subdural hygromas complicating Chiari malformation Type I decompression. Neurologists and ENT made an exhaustive study and peripheral vertigo and other neurological problems were excluded. We discuss the absence of cfrebeloso factors and the transitory ischemic attack in this patient 1 week before she developed massive cerebellar infarction.

Despite aggressive antiedemic treatment and early instauration of intravenous continuous sodium heparin infusion, the patient developed a bilateral cerebellar infarction and supratentorial hydrocephalus.

Br J Neurosurg ; The pathophysiology of the Inarto is complex and our knowledge can not already explain every pathological situation. The results were good in 6 cases and fair in 2. Intracranial vertebral artery dissection: The clinical findings were headache, vomiting and a decreased level of consciousness.