I have been unable to find the fix for this error. ~~ ImageMagickObject. MagickImage.1 error ” convert: Postscript delegate failed. I have the x64 version of ImageMagick. When we got the “Postscript delegate failed” error, I looked it up and found HERE that I needed. What is wrong here? IS where convert is called: burns:~ peter$ convert rrr. eps convert: Postscript delegate failed `’: No.

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When downloaded, launch the Ghostscript package. OK well that means that GS works, and is able to open the file without problems. Read, Log visits, Index this resource are checked Execute Permissions: Now build and install ImageMagick.

No such file or directory: This also happens when your “pdf” file is empty. What I can’t tell you is why this is happening. Then you can upgrade. It’s basically the same as SimpleTest. If so, let us know.

Postscript delegate failed on x64 – ImageMagick

Not sure what the deal is with the 6. If you want to try the version I am using, I can place it somewhere you can get to it. If so, perhaps its a threading issue. Use -density parameter to limit it, e. I am using GhostScript 8. I’ve gone through the forums and haven’t found the solution deegate. The last update is 9.


Sign up using Facebook. When I run convert logo: I have followed your steps and i have attached a screenshot. Have you tried opening the file directly with GS rather than using ImageMagick?


Its possible that convert is supposed to rename or copy the file, or that it gave the wrong output filename to Ghostscript. What do we need to do to fix this exception and permit your script to run to completion?

I decided that it would make more sense to let IM do it programmatically when a user requests a web file that doesn’t exist. Got a patch for a bug? We verified that the SimpleTest. Conversion doesn’t work and gives an error like “Postscript delegate failed By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Have you tried using. Keep in mind we are not Windows developers so use small words. So maybe that’s another possible cause. Here is the asp code. Do you get expected results? Until then, it’s 6.


Please let me know if you need anything else. Yes, this is probably the correct answer in general. The exception must be generated for some other reason. Nowaker 9, 3 42 Our website is written in asp and I wanted to try a quick demo to see if it would work. I then installed gs and the same command worked properly after that.

Post as a guest Name. I fixed a multithreading issue in the PDF reader a while back.

This is what worked for me. The ASP page still does not. However it obviously doesn’t have the correct name. Hi Ken, Thanks for your help. I was receiving the same error message. We may need to ddelegate thread Ghostscript execution.

– Postscript Delegate Failed – ImageMagick

Commnad to generate pdf to jpg or PNG: I hope you get it figured out. However, I don’t get any errors, the browser just keeps “Waiting for localhost”. For this reason, I prefered to install Ghostscript 9. Jason Sundram 5, 12 58