Hypnagogic pop is a style of music and related media that explores elements of cultural The term was coined by journalist David Keenan in an August issue of The Wire to label the developing trend, which he characterized as “pop. In an August piece for the The Wire, journalist David Keenan coined the term “hypnagogic pop” to refer to a developing trend of s lo-fi and post-noise . Hence, the trend of “hypnagogic pop,” a term coined last year by The Wire’s David Keenan to refer to music reflecting a memory of a memory.

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Worst “genre” created by a journalist part : ‘Hypnagogic Pop’ by David Keenan.

Diana Rogerson MP3 Tracks: Creating a such-and-such that seemed to exist but never did is always a good plan to me. I saw them play about a week ago and they had a song that sounded like Def Leppard, I could get with it. I put “hypnagogic pop” into a band’s one sheet today for the hell of it. Notify me of new comments via email. Music to fall asleep to?

And if it fits to any act these days, I reckon kesnan be Grouper. However, one instance of a subgenre materializing from the world of music criticism—hypnagogic pop—is representative of not only a minor music trend of hazy, dream-like nostalgia, but a far-reaching cultural perception.

William Basinski in the new one, btw.

I like em both for what they are but I don’t see the similarity. Going to buy the book shortly too. Compared to the UK stuff, it has an off-hand, even tossed-off quality and would almost have to be, given the insane output of releases that’s the norm in this zone; Ferraro’s done something like forty under an array of pseudonyms in just a few years.

Archived from the original on September 14, You must be logged in to post. The all-female Tokyo power trio’s monolithic motorik is gaining them a worldwide following. Raised in an era of unparalleled Clintonian prosperity, kids now in their 20s were cocooned in a suburban realm of MTV and Nintendo.


By David Keenan Since I cant scan the article. Follow us on Twitter! Another phrase that the writer formerly known as Nick Kool copyright Brian Eno came up with in the 70s was “punk rock” — well, it was either him, Lester Bangs or Dave Marsh, but our money’s on Kent because unlike his US counterparts he actually did time in the original Sex Pistols, so chances are he knows what he’s talking about. That’s a good point I think.

At least hypnagogic pop as a genre name is not as bad Pocahaunted is as a name for a band. Or perhaps it’s just completely baked, in the other sense? Retrieved 26 June This piecing together of multiple influences and reference points from a familiar culture is often grounds for critique, as some claim that the work falling under the h-pop umbrella is merely a derivative collage as opposed to a genuine synthesis of their influences.

Retrieved 15 August So far, we’ve been calling it “chillwave” or “glo-fi”, and we’ve also seen it called “dreambeat” because it’s dreamy and, well, rhythmic dreamrhythm is harder to say, right? The term was coined by journalist David Keenan in an August issue of The Wire to label the developing trend, which he characterized as “pop music refracted through the memory of a memory.

Ducktails (No 718)

Retrieved October 24, Retrieved February 8, Thing is, here hypnagogiic theguardian. Click here if you want to load them all. Most of the band members grew up in the suburbs of Ridgewood, N. I love the comments btw http: I kind of think that ‘to wind people up’ is a pretty good reason to come up with spurious genre names at this point in time.

Interested to read it. The Wire are falling asleep with all this hypnagogic pop; they should wake up and dagid into some hypnopompic pop. Also, genre that starts by trying to shoehorn Emeralds into the same tag as Pocahaunted is starting out pretty shakily. The tracks on his MySpace are uniformly instrumental, elegiacal, drowsily disorienting variations on a theme, featuring hazy, fuzzy guitars playing over melancholy washes of keyboard seemingly drenched in echo and reverb although don’t quote us on that that make us think of a Lindsey Buckingham finally let off the leash and allowed to make a lo-fi Brian Wilson homage that captures his own half-remembered teenage summer dreams.


This highlights a major parallel between the philosophy at play in hypnogogic pop and the larger societal shift towards an instant nostalgia for the past. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What would or would not make something like Spiritualized’s “Electric Mainline” hypnagogic pop? Meet hypjagogic self-described “psychedelic surf pop” of New Jersey’s Real Estate, whose moniker evokes the bonanza of For Sale signs dotting exurbia’s McMansions. Unlike, say, “hypnagogic pop”. True Stories delves into the ups and downs of life as a worldwide DJ Dec 26, A still from hypnahogic here,” a video uploaded to YouTube by Daniel Lopatin consisting of looped samples of Chris de Burgh ‘s hit ” The Lady in Red ” and a vintage computer graphic known as “Rainbow Road.

Worst “genre” created by a journalist part Retrieved 4 July I am all for that having a genre of its own so I can avoid hypnagogicc more easily.

Well, everyone that we’ve read on the subject has poured scorn on the term, perhaps because the article was fairly hi-falutin’, or perhaps simply because “hypnagogic pop” lacks the raw appeal of, say, “punk rock”. British visionary jazz playlist Tracks: Meanwhile, we can hail the greatness of Ducktails, the latest practitioner of hyp-pop to grab our ears. In an August piece for the The Wirejournalist David Keenan coined the term “hypnagogic pop” to refer to a developing trend of s lo-fi and post- noise music in which varied artists such as The Skaters, James FerraroSpencer Clark, Zola JesusAriel PinkOneohtrix Point Neverand Pocahaunted began to engage with elements of cultural nostalgia, childhood memory, and outdated recording technology.