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Could I ask you to include English text in the explanatory paragraphs too?

I realise Google can do it for me but as a reference it’s more useful to have everything I need on the same page. As an addition, this site has save-able quicktimes of the spoken phrases: I have done a – much less comprehensive – glossary of Spanish phrases a while ago, if someone Peter?

The Spanish PDF is now here.

To keep th info together, here’s the link to the phraseology again. These phrases hence are useful also for situational awareness flying into some of the international airports. Position reports VRPs by local pilots are quite often not done to the published VRPs’ name, but in pjrasologie language with reference to a ground feature same position, different name.


It is a good idea to have a close look at the charts beforehand. Simple – it sits at that little coastal town. Flight plans are mandatory for any flight in CAS, which is pretty much all of Spain.

That said, transits are almost never a problem, especially if you sound reasonably professional shouldn’t be a problem for the esteemed flyers on this forum! Radar coverage generally is very good, except in parts of the south due to mountainous terrain. However, flights to Morocco and Gibraltar DO require a vuide of entry.

Guide de phraséologie du Pilote VFR pdf

Avgas is generally no problem, although at some airports you get charged extra for the bowser to drive to you. Perhaps no big deal if topping off with a few hundred liters, not so great if you only want 20 a side!

Also, some of the smaller fields only take cash. Active Threads Latest Posts.

Thanks JoJo, very helpful, even for a fluent French speaker! If you email it to me, I phrasolgie put it up on the site. Otherwise, if you can upload it somewhere, you can link to it yourself – as with images etc. OK, I’ll dig it up and email it to you. A couple of more notes regarding flying in Spain: This thread is locked. This means you can’t add a response. Piilote possibly related to this one Flying under controlled airspace with limits AGL – Spain in particular.


Guide de phraséologie du Pilote VFR

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