Scholars usually treat writings about Macrina the Younger as sources of information about historical events and persons. In my opinion, all four sources about. Gregory of Nyssa lauded his older sister Macrina as “the common glory of Life of Macrina and The Dialogue on the Soul and the Resurrection, he portrayed. St. Gregory Of Nyssa: THE LIFE OF ST. MACRINA – Kindle edition by St. Gregory of Nyssa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. And thus she spent the night.

The Life and Influence of our Holy Mother Macrina

Never did she even look for help to any human being, nor did human charity give her the opportunity of a comfortable existence. The historical period in which St. For when the voice of psalmody was still, nysa the virgins gazed on that holy face, and the grave of our parents was already being opened, in which it had been decided that Macrina should be [D] laid, a woman cried out impulsively that after this hour we should see that jyssa face no more.

With difficulty did we succeed in procuring silence by our gesture, and the precentor taking the lead and intoning the accustomed prayers of the Church, the people composed themselves at last to prayer. It rises actually in Armenia, passes through our parts, and discharges its stream into the [ B] Black Sea. Arriving at the monastery, Gregory found his sister very ill.

Macrina the Younger

As she spoke she indicated by gestures her daughter and son. Her brother Gregory of Nyssw wrote a work entitled Life of Macrina in which he describes her sanctity throughout her life. Prayer accompanied every labour. In order to resist these temptations, we must deepen our vocation by going back to our sources — the virtuous and holy lives of our father Basil and our mother St.

Macrina Life of St. She gathered round herself other devout grrgory and even servants, treating them as sisters, who belonged to the same rank.

Saint Macrina the Younger c. She was lying on the floor, a sack had been spread on a board, and another board propped up her head, acting as a pillow. Hansonclaim Live as a Universalist in her teachings, citing works which they believe demonstrate Macrina’s belief that the wicked would all eventually confess Christ.


The Life of Macrina, by Gregory Bishop of Nyssa | Monastic Matrix

Nor even was the virgin referred to unknown to our family circle, to make it necessary to learn the wonders of her life through others, but she came from the same parents as ourselves, being, so to speak, an offering of first-fruits, since she was the earliest born of my mother’s womb.

Therefore, it is interesting to penetrate her world, its culture and daily life, searching for its deeper meaning and nuances in order to draw closer to the great spirituality of her time. For just as souls freed from the body by death are saved from the cares of this life, so was their life far removed from 35 all earthly follies and ordered with a view of imitating the angelic life. Meanwhile Basil, the famous saint, had been elected bishop 1 of the great church of Caesarea.

But since the day was progressing, and the entire space of the retreat was getting crowded with the multitude of arrivals, the bishop of that district Araxius by name, who had 70 come with the entire complement of his priests ordered the funeral procession to start slowly; [B] for there was a long way to go, and the crowd seemed likely to impede macriba movement.

But Vestiana [C] above-mentioned was decking that holy head with her own hands, when she put her hand on the neck.

macrinq But after she had anointed her hands by the performance of religious duties for she deemed that zeal for greyory was consistent with the principles of her lifein the time that was left she prepared food for her mother by her own toil.

These were they whom she picked up, exposed by the roadside in the time of famine. This paper examines the key theological views that governed fourth-century interpretations of “the holy woman” in ascetic communities.

In fact, of all the things after which men eagerly pursue in this life, there were none with which they could not easily dispense. Besides which, the moral elevation always maintained by Macrina’s life gave her mother the opportunity of rejoicing over the blessings she enjoyed rather than grieving over greory that were missing.

Many times a day she prayed the psalms.


But since she had lost both her parents, and was in the very flower of her youthful beauty, and the fame of her good looks was attracting many suitors, and there was a danger that, if she were not mated to some one willingly, she might suffer some [B] unwished-for violent fate, seeing that some men, inflamed by her beauty, were ready to abduct heron this account she chose for her husband a man who was known and approved for the gravity of his conduct, and so gained a protector of her life.

Therefore 7 I think she revealed to the bystanders that divine and pure love of the invisible bridegroom, which she kept hidden 54 and nourished in the secret places of the soul, and she published abroad the secret disposition of her hearther hurrying towards Him Whom she desired, that she might speedily be with Him, loosed from the chains of the body.

Conclusions With such great wealth of testimony on the life of St. The post-Christian, post-modern world does not understand the language we are speaking. It was the ninth month or a little longer after this disaster, and a synod of bishops was gathered at Antioch, in which we also took part. So when evening came, after waiting on her mother as usual with her own hands, she went inside the sanctuary and besought the God of healing all night long.

And yet, as regards worldly things, we make our boast of being well born and thinking we come of a noble family.

Thus Gregory received the interpretation of his vision: Her parents sought to convince her to marry, but she remained steadfast in her conviction. Then she lifted her hand to God and said Then when her mother felt despondent and again urged her to allow the doctor to come, she said it would suffice for the cure of her disease if her mother would make the holy seal on the place with her own hand.

And so in these two ways he guided his life, [ C] maceina his youthful nature by toils and caring assiduously for his mother, and thus keeping the divine commands he was travelling home to God.