Sri Gopala Vimsati must have been very dear to Swami Desikan as indicated by his inclusion of the twelfth verse of this stotram in his esoteric. Stream Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan from desktop or your mobile device. Gopala Vimsathi – Learners Series. -vimsathi-learners-series/ Gopala Vimsathi consists of 21 slokas on Krishna.

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As Yasodha went away, he checked around to make sure that she was out of sight and then pulled the tied mortar to the garden.

There, he depicts Narada descending from heaven singing joyously the above verse during his journey to meet Purushan and initiate him into the mahAmantram of vimsarhi Lord.

He has on His lotus lips the conch known as Panchajanyam, whose sound is that of the holy praNavam symbolizing the essence of the Vedas. I see him always and all times, With a chest carrying his Lady, And also see him as prettiness, That can never ever be described, And vmsathi is the acme of desire of the gopis.

Sri Desika Stotras with Meaning: Gopala Vimsati

By the end of 14th centaury the followers of Saint Ramanuja had split in to Vadakalai and Tenkalai. At this time, His cool and welcoming eyes resemble a pair of just-blossomed lotuses in the river of His mercy Dayaa.

Sitila valaya sincA SItalairhasta tAlai: He enchanted hopala gopis of Brindavanam. As he was enjoying gopalaa, his mother arrived suddenly suspecting something was going on behind her back. May the thought of the simplicity that he adapted for this occasion protect all of us in our daily lives!

Which painter painted the picture of this beautiful visathi in my heart, who is like the morning Sun to the lotus-like faces of the love-sick Gopis? Newer Post Older Post Home.

Log in Request account. Swami Desikan paints a word picture of the incomparable beauty of Sri Gopalan.

Gopala Vimsathi

This great Stotra sings about the greatness of Gopala cow herd and is extremely popular among his devotees. Verse 1 vande bRndAvanacaram vallavI janavallabham jayantisambhavam dhAma vaijayantI vibhUshaNam I salute that divine effulgence named Gopala, who was born on this Sri Jayanthi day and roamed in the forests of Brindavanam wearing the unfading garland, known as Vaijayanti, made of wild flowers of the forest.

The shock of the collision with the mortar broke the twin trees vismathi the the sons of Kubera, who stood as the trees in the garden of the Lord, got released from their curse and regained their original bodies. Their follow-up with taaLam suggests as though they are teaching the abhinayam step known as LaLitham to the flute of the Lord.


Victory to him who keeps his flute, Tucked in his golden waist band, Who keeps his right hand on a stick, Used to mind the herds of cow, Who keeps his left hand on the shoulder, Of the lady [4] shivering with joy, Who is of the black colour of the cloud, And who ties his tresses with a chain of Gunja seeds. Gopalan defeated his mother in her efforts to save the butter and won the game. Salutations to him, who wanders in Vrundavana, Who is the darling of the Gopis there, Who was born on the day of the Sri Jayanthi, And who wears the garland called Vaijayanthi.

This garland was his charactrestric decoration. I sing about that man who is the cause, Who is the way which is near salvation, Who is the great wealth of the forests, Who is as gross as the rain bearing clouds, Who has red lips fond of keeping the flute, And who exists as the state of mercy.

Inside that yantra is yet another yantra in the shape of a triangle. I see that wonderful young Gopala next to me always.

She saw Gopalan stealing butter again and ran towards him, rope in her hand, to tie him up as punishment. He took in his hands the water pump used in those sports. It is common for ordinary human beings to close their eyes, when they face serious danger, out of a sense of utter helplessness.

Verse 11 vmsathi manojna vam. On His lap, they find Sarasvati, the goddess of learning. His devotees meditate on Him in this manner and recieve His blessings.

As he plays the flute on the banks of the Yamuna river during the moon-lit nights, the lovelorn Gopis engage in rAsa krIDa with him. I see him daily near me, Who is being searched by VedasWho broke the two Arjuna trees, And who is with young maidens, Near the Yamuna with it as a witness. He drank at one swoop Puthana’s milk and her life force and blessed her this way.

Upanyasams (mp3): Gopala Vimsathi

May that Lord who is the Lord of the gopis, Who swept his sweet heart gopi in to a tight embrace, Along with his wet cloths made wet, During the love play inside the water, Who gave a loving glance to the gopi who, Was keeping her eyes partially closed, Who held in his hand a water gun, And who is the savior of his devotees, Save me from the ills of domestic life. This is a blessing that Swami Desikan earned as a result of his meditation on Rajagopalan.


I offer my worship to that blessed child, who freed the sons of Kubera from their existence as twin trees. I remember the lad smiling with lips, Resembling the rosy leaf buds, Who had turned his neck out of fear, And who dragged the big mortar, In between the two trees and, Freed both of them of their, Gopaala form forever.

The beauty of Venugopala and Glpala world-enchanting flute music has been celebrated by Srimad Bhagavatham and Periyazhwaar in particular Periya Tirumozhi: He also smiled in between his crying spells. He dragged the mortar further and went between two Marutha trees. The Gopis of Gokulam are thirsting to enjoy His beauty. May that vision of this sweet, butter dance of Lord Gopala appear before my eyes! To the lotus faces of lovelorn gopis, Who are infatuated by his face, Shining because glpala the peacock feather, Worn by him in his head.

I see that divine gentleman, Whose breath wafted the fragrance of the VedasWhose pretty lips quivered, When he cried and laughed, With his form of a cow herd baby, And smiled in between the bouts of cry, At the approach of the deceitful mother [2]And drank her life force and blessed her.

May that Gopala engaged in water sports with the Gopis as their lover protect us, since he is the medicine for his devotees suffering from the afflictions of Samsaara. For a moment, he wanted to run away to escape his mother. Krishna, the bhAgyam of Yasodha, heard these rhythmical sounds coming from her efforts and began a special dance to amuse her and to receive gobs of butter as a reward.

These are usually sung before Thadhiaradhanams Group partaking of food offered to God and on the occasion of marriages and on Krishna Jayanthi day in Thiruvahindrapuram [1]. He blesses Her with His auspicious glances. He has left her His chest region visathi Her place of special residence and enjoyment.

And who has etched his pretty face, In their minds always. On his broad chest, they find a beautiful necklace made of yellowish-red seeds known as Gunjaa or Kunrimani strung together.

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