Go with the Gary Friedman book. Well worth the $25 (or so). It’s HUGE too. I printed it in color, double sided x11 and it takes a 3-inch binder. “Gary Friedman, that also is a member here (Sony Camera Group), I’ve just downloaded the a77/a65 book and can’t wait to start reading it. The excellent series of books for Sony Alphas has been updated to include the Sony A65 & A This is available as a download at the moment.

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Photo by greggys stuff. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I have bought 2 of his earlier books about the KM 7D and Sony a and downloaded this one this morning. Just to let you know, it’s a really good way to learn more about your SLT’s from an experienced photographer.

I have several of Gary’s books for my prior Sony cameras and can thoroughly recommend them. Also check out his video on Sony wireless flash. Jeff Spangle 7 years ago. Purchased and now printed out. Don’t like reading pdfs on pcs. Thanks for the link Ken. Will be looking to see if it was worth the money, looking forward to the feedback.

friedman a65-a77 book for an a57

LaurieTG 7 years ago. I am only part way through it so far and have not been disappointed. I love his recommended camera settings and his explanations of when and why to make changes.

I have been having fun playing friiedman that! He presents many tips that are not found in the manual, like engaging spot AF with the multi-selector button. This ebook is a truly valuable resource for A77 owners.

The dmf setting is great, I use aa65 all the time now. The latest update of the book includes a kindle version too! Superb, a great book.

Black Swan 7 years ago. I posted this in another group.

I have 4 of his books one for each of the Sony cameras I own. I assume you friedmann the latest update. If you bought the first edition, as I did, you should have got an email with a link to the updated version.

Sony Alpha A65 and A77 E-book by Gary Friedman

If not, contact Gary. Jim Tebbutt 7 years ago. I think i’m going to download it now Barringtonsworld 7 years ago. I think I am going to download this also. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for the link. Thanks for the link [http: I found the book friddman useful, and there was no additional charge for the updated version. OK I’ve had the book for almost 3 weeks now. I wasn’t sure if friedma would be for me, not wanting to sound a “know it all” but i have had a sony friddman for almost 4 years i didn’t think there would be THAT much he could add.

But i’m happy to say i was wrong. Read the book with your camera in hand and every few pages you’ll have a little “Oh!


friedman aa77 book for an a Sony Alpha SLR/SLT A-mount Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

I never knew that” moment. This guy clearly is in touch with the developers of the camera, he knows a lot of history of the company etc. EBooks aren’t my favourite but it’s well worth the money in this case. Edited by photobuf moderator 7 years ago.

After making the transition from my A that I had since first released, and was quite knowledgeable with, and had used a good 3rd party handbook for fgiedman detailed explainations as a reference, have to admit that Sony’s page A manual leaves quite a bit to be desired. Mainly I was interested in the differences and new features of the A, and how to take advantage of them. Some new A functions, you’re told what they are and that’s it, or a very brief explanation, that leaves you wondering is it a feature for me and how would I get the most out of it.

Some features I’ve found by playing, others have been mentioned by users in threads, when I knew it was there but hidden in menus etc. Frifdman sure I like the ebook approach, preferring a hard copy in my hands, but I’ll have to check out other alternatives first before going for an ebook.

Definitely want to have more detailed explanations than the Sony A book provides. Definitely don’t like his approach to pricing. Last A handbook Frievman bought from another writer, that was well writen, was a colour book at less than his ebook price.

He wins the prize for the most expensive printed copy of a camera handbook. Mick Collins 7 years ago.

I allready had the a book and have just added the a77 first thing I looked for was Garys book it saves so much time being able to draw on his brilliant experience. Gary Friedman’s book looks quite good, and for an online version priced reasonably for a quality book doubt I’d pay the printed price, way too high. I browsed a few online pages, and seemed well written and presented.

I’m not too fond of the very brief explanations in the Sony A manual, so I’m considering buying it. I’ve never bought an ebook prefer a printed copy but won’t pay the price for a camera guideso my question is with an ebook, is it just a PDF file you download and store on a hard drive? If you do loose it do you have to pay for another copy? If you loose the hard drive, I assume it will be lost. Would it be best to put the file on an external hard drive, then less risky, and if you change computers you still have it?

With Sony’s brief explanatins in the manual, to get the most out of the A, seems like almost a necessity. I’ve got no problem with the operation of the A, but takes time to figure the new features they have added since the A that it replaced. In regards to the Sony manual, actually prefer the PDF file and how you can get to what you are looking for faster than thumbing through the printed manual. I downloaded the first version, which I think was just a PDF file.


When the second version came out, it was Kindle ready too, so I could have a copy on my Kindle and Tablet with the Kindle app as well as a PDF version.

I did need to re-download the file again, and emailed Gary, he sent me a new secure link and away I went. Very good customer service. Modern Vintage Life 7 years ago. Is it helpful for the video capabilities and settings of the A77? Edited by aaanouel member 7 years ago.

It is just great! Gary explains everything with a nice and clear easy to understand prose, give many important general photography tips, details and places very interesting stories about the history of camera features that helps to understand why and how many things work. Gary does know about cameras for sure, added to this, his sense of fine humor makes of it an even a more pleasurable reading. This book comes highly regarded as THE source of information on your A I’d advise you to go through it with your camera next to you and follow along as he explains.

I never consult the manual, just put it on “A” and start shooting. And while I will never use half the features on this camera, it is nice to be familiar with them, just in case. I schlep the book all over the world because I was unaware of the size of it and bought the printed version instead of the epub.

It’s worth every penny and every pound of carry on. Edited by attilathehun member 7 years ago. I downloaded this to my iPad. By chapter three I wasn’t regretting it.

Gary Friedman’s E-Book for the Sony A65 & A77

By chapter five I’d have paid more for it. Despite being a photographer of long-standing Minolta ndthere was a lot to learn about me new A Gary’s book shone light into the corners. I just discovered this thread a few minutes ago. Glad you’re all enjoying the ebook!

Let me explain the printed book pricing. That money doesn’t go to me – the vast majority of it goes to print-on-demand publisher Lulu.

I make less on the printed books than I do on the. I wish the prices were lower. I hope this helps even a little! SneekyB 6 years ago. I bought this e-book book last night, from what I have read so far it looks like a very worthwhile purchase. Steve Cooper 6 years ago. I bought this e-book and have read it from cover to cover.

Everything is covered in more than enough detail. If you want to get to know your camera I would recommend it.