Illusion by Frank Peretti – A stunning new thriller from the father of Christian fiction —a grieving husband encounters a teen identical to his dead wife in face. Some novelists resist allegory, but Peretti (Monster) embraces it. Illusion. Frank Peretti. Howard, $ (p) ISBN Illusion. Frank Peretti. BookPage review by Sandy Amazeen. Web Exclusive – March 09, Christian novelist Frank Peretti, author of This Present Darkness, .

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ILLUSION by Frank Peretti | Kirkus Reviews

A big part of it is probably because the relationship is first set up as more of a father-daughter bond, and so it felt icky to me later. Jun 14, Faith rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am an avid reader and newly published author groping through the shrouds of Illusion which is writing and this book had it all for me. The young woman is herself misplaced out of time from the 70s and has found herself in “present day” in the book.

I highly recommend this book to those tried and true fans of Peretti as well as to those that have never cracked open one of his books. She found a secluded corner out on the fourth floor patio, a place with a view of the city and shade from the Nevada sun, and left him to grieve.

I know I will. He and his wife were married inand Peretti soon moved from touring with a pop band to launching a modest Christian music ministry. But as I said, it made me want to keep reading and I loved that. Once the action began, I remembered that most of the previous books I had read by this author started out slowly, giving you time to get to know the characters and develop a feel for their situation.


It is not kind to your reader especially perettu they are expecting a thriller to make them read pages before any hint of plot appears, and any sensible reader will give up on the book long before that.

The lawn crunched under his feet.

As the two are drawn together and Dane can just not get past the fact illusiin this young woman strangely resembles a young Mandy, the mystery begins to unfold as questions are asked and the story unfolds.

And The Not So Much: That being said, I’d like to firmly state that I would have enjoyed this one much more if it had been well-written, or even mediocre writing.

There was nothing I found to be offensive in it. So, good novel and I can recommend it. Kind of perettti Dean Koontz, only less wordy.

Things I didn’t like: She is still at the fair, but everything has changed. It took a hundred pages to get to Mandy’s magic, fank more of magic lessons and performances, which were interesting at first, until they were repeated over and over, with only a few snippets of scenes to remind us that something darker and bigger was going on.

The ICU physician said it was illusipn, only a matter of minutes once they removed the ventilator, and so it was. An interesting take on the usual goal of authors I think.

As is usually the case for Peretti, you have to read carefully to keep track of everything, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from him.


Illusion | Book by Frank Peretti | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It is not just Dane that is trying to figure out his feelings and understand what is going on, this young woman herself is a mystery. As Dane tries to understand how his life will go on without Mandy in it, she miraculously appears at a county fair only now she is nineteen.

The sign of a good novel! How could He change her so instantly from what she was—the woman, the saint, his lover with the laughing eyes, wacky humor, and wisdom of years—to what Dane had just seen perish on a bloodied gurney behind a curtain, sustained by tubes, monitors, machines? He finds himself closing on the property that the couple were planning to buy in Idaho and is merely going through the motions of daily living.


Meanwhile, Mandy awakens as a year-old ineven though she was born in His stories are modern day classics and I can’t wait to see the impact Illusion has on readers! She went quietly, her body still, and Dane was at her bedside to see her go. Peretti was frrank of my favorite authors as a kid and its been a while since I’ve read any of his books. Feb 27, Kathleen Kat Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: And of course, the two events are related.