Three new eriophyid species (Phyllocoptinae), Shevtchenkella denticulata sp. n., Notallus pestehae sp. Keywords: Animalia, ORDO, FAMILIA. Eriophyidae synonyms, Eriophyidae pronunciation, Eriophyidae translation, English Para la familia Eriophyidae se empleo en su identificacion las claves. Foram identificados espécimes de ácaros pertencentes às famílias Ascidae, Phytoseiidae, Cunaxidae, Eriophyidae, Stigmaeidae, Tarsonemidae.

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Typhlodromus Amblyseius aerialis MumaChant, Calacarus heveae,Tenuipalpus heveae e Eriophyidae. University of California Press, Berkeley. Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control.

Eriophyidae – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Acaros fitofagos de America Central: Early leaf drop was observed only in Itiquira. Annual Review of Entomologyv.

Amblyseiopsis aerialis Muma, Some phytoseiid mites from the Familai Pacific, with descriptions of new species and definition of the Amblyseius largoensis species group. Mites injurious to economic plants. Phytoseiid mites belonging to the genus Euseius are considered generalist predators as they feed on pollen, nectar as well as on pest mites of the families Tetranychidae, Tarsonemidae, Tenuipalpidae and Eriophyidae McMurtry and Croft This is the first record of the genus Echinacrus on plants of family Solanaceaefirst record of this genus in Iran and the first record of eriophyoid mites on Lycium ruthenicum.

Notes et observations sur les Acariens. Shield pattern reticulated, composed of 22 cells resulted of connecting distinct median, admedian, submedian and lateral lines with transverse lines. All measurements were made with a phase contrast microscope Olympus BX50 according to Amrine and Manson and de Lillo et al.


Systematic and Applied Acarology, Special Publication 6: Opisthosoma dorsally flat, with a large furrow and small lobes, 21 21—24 broad and smooth dorsal semiannuli with the exception of the last two provided with spiny microtubercles protruding from the posterior margin of the annuli; 67 67—81 narrow microtuberculated ventral semiannuli counted since the first annulus after the coxae II ; 9 9—13 semiannuli between coxae and genital area plus 4—5 transversal rows of lined granules at the base of the genital coverflap.

Opisthosoma with 22 21—23 broad dorsal semiannuli provided with three dorsal ridges; median ridge from forth dorsal semiannulus extended up to 16 16—17 semiannulus, lateral ridges from first dorsal semiannulus extended up to 16 semiannulus; faint elongated microtubercles on the ridges; 59 53—59 narrow microtuberculated ventral semiannuli counted from the first annulus after the coxae II and 5 semiannuli between coxae and genital coverflap plus 3 transversal rows of lined granules at the base of the coverflap.

Body spindle shaped, —, driophyidae gnathosoma73 thick, 68 68—79 wide. Triangular broad based microtubercles on the posterior margin of dorsal semiannuli with a lined longitudinal distribution; circular microtubercles, finely spiny, on the middle of ventral semiannuli; last 6 ventral semiannuli with elongated and linear microtubercles. Florida Entomologist 67 2: Genital coverflap 14 11—1622 20—25 wide, with 12 11—13 striae; setae 3a 18 18—2315 15—17 apart.


Prodorsal shield 45—50; setae sc 13—14, 23—32 apart.

Three new species from the subfamily Phyllocoptinae (Acari, Trombidiformes, Eriophyidae) in Iran

Leaf domatia and the distribution and abundance of foliar mites in broadleaf deciduous forest in Wisconsin. Prosternal apodeme 5 5—6. Phytoseiidae of Bristish Guyana with keys to species Acarina: Articles from ZooKeys are provided here courtesy of Pensoft Publishers. The eriophyoid mite fauna of Eryngium thyrsoideumPistacia vera and Lycium ruthenicum was surveyed in the southwest of East Azerbaijan, Iran, during Effect of acaricides on calepitrimerus vitis Nalepa, Acari: A queda prematura das folhas foi observada apenas em Itiquira.


Open in a separate window. Phytophagous and predatory mites Acari: Prostigmata associated with landscape plants and trees in Mashhad city, Iran. Tenuipalpidae from Brazil eriopgyidae Paraguay. Preparation, mounting and descriptive study of eriophyoid mites.

Opisthosoma with 39—44 dorsal semiannuli and 56—69 ventral semiannuli.