CARLOS MANUEL DELGADILLO OLMOS 2B LAMAR PALOMAR STAPHYLOCOCOS, STREPTOCOCOS Y CLOSTRIDIOS ESTAFILOCOCOS. estudio bacterioscopico cuantitativo y el urocultivo para el diagnostico .. chaque examen lors du bilan initial a propos de · observations. positivos al examen bacterioscopico y que presentan lesiones cutaneas planas las que pueden ser hipocromicas e eritematosas. La lepromino-reaccion es.

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Echo-enhanced ultrasound voiding cystography in children: The value of ultrasound in the child with an acute urinary tract infection.

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Antibody-coated bacteria in the urine of infants and children with their first two urinary tract infections. We hypothesised that the components of methodological quality affecting results were likely to differ between the three sections of the review. Use of bacterioscopici dipstick tests to exclude urinary tract infection in children. Direct pooling of sensitivity and specificity using bivariate models in meta-analysis of studies of diagnostic accuracy.

Renal damage one year after first urinary tract infection: The value of ultrasound for diagnosing the uropathy in children with urinary-tract infections. Adverse effects of diagnostic tests. Clinical decision rule to identify febrile young girls at risk for urinary tract infection. When a test provides bacterioscopuco diagnostic evidence then the DOR is 1.

However, for urinary leukocyte esterase, the unweighted analysis found strong evidence of an association between patient age and the DOR. Journal of the Indian Medical Association. A new imaging technique for the diagnosis of vesicoureteral reflux] Anales Espanoles de Pediatria.


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Weighted analysis of studies of ultrasound for the detection of reflux showed that the DOR was higher where studies reported information to determine that disease progression bias had been avoided.

Summary scores, when used to inform quality-based analyses, may mask important effects of individual quality components bacterioscooico ]. Table 5 Results of the regression analysis for ultrasound for the diagnosis of reflux. Sonography as a substitute for excretory urography in children with urinary tract infection. Prediction of vesico-ureteric reflux in childhood urinary tract infection: The methodological quality of primary studies remains a significant issue for systematic reviews of diagnostic tests [ 8, ].

Detection of significant vesico-ureteric reflux by ultrasound in infants and children. Voiding urosonography with ultrasonography contrast medium in children.

Were selection criteria clearly described? Journal of Family Practice. Use of the leukocyte esterase and nitrite tests to determine the need for culturing urine specimens from a pediatric and adolescent population.

Excretory urography and cystourethrography in the evaluation of children with urinary tract infection. Recently a new method for pooling sensitivity and specificity has been developed. Given the limitations we describe, the results of this study should be treated as hypothesis generating. Ultrasonography in the radiologic evaluation of children with urinary tract infection.


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The validity of the uriscreen test for early detection of urinary tract infection in children. The assessment of diagnostic tests. The architecture of diagnostic research.

The hazards of scoring the quality of clinical trials for meta-analysis. Our assessment of the impact of components of methodological quality on diagnostic accuracy may therefore partially reflect completeness of reporting.

How does study quality affect the results of a diagnostic meta-analysis?

A prospective study of imaging modalities in acute pyelonephritis 49 cases: European Journal of Pediatrics. Two items showed a strong evidence of an association with the DOR in the weighted analysis of studies evaluating microscopy to detect bacteriuria 22 studies [ 20212328343541475061 – 64677076778085909194 ]. Table 4 Results of the regression analysis for microscopy for the diagnosis of UTI.

The components of quality assessment should always be reported, and their impact on summary outcome measures be investigated, individually rather than as summary quality scores.