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Installation iTools icons on the Windows program menu are now positioned in a “Eurotherm” folder rather than a “Eurotherm iTools” folder. In addition, the Configuration Wizards are now available from within the iTools Engineering Maanual application.

In particular, the default position for the Panel Views msnual is now at the bottom of the main iTools window. Better Support for User-supplied Comments iTools now allows a descriptive comment to be attached to a device or clone file. Improved Support for Custom Linearizations When cloning from a device, the user may now choose to include the contents of the device’s Custom Linearization table s in the clone file.

A new command has been added: This may lead to unreliable operation. See separate readme file for more information. Similarly, Configuration Wizards for series devices now include a new tab allowing Recipe editing. A new utility is included to help diagnose some of the most common problems with iTools installations. The faceplate view within this editor would frequently not highlight the available and selected fields.

Microsoft Word sometimes suffered from font scaling problems, making the copied diagram difficult to interpret.

Eurotherm Temperatur Controller

Improved Windows Compatibility iTools may now be run by ‘Restricted users’ i. This is accessible under ‘Advanced Tools’ on the iTools program menu, or from the Help menu within iTools.

However, page promote parameters are only loaded from a clone file to a controller if the controller version is 1. Where a device is of the same type but a different version from those listed here, much of the iTools functionality may be expected to work correctly, but no support will be provided.


Whenever the Configuration Software option is specified, all other options where not ordered will operate in a demo mode as appropriate.

The Parameter Properties dialog in iTools is now modeless, meaning that the dialog may be left open while navigating around iTools. Model X26 Controller iTools now supports the Eurotherm model X26 temperature and humidity controller, version 5.

However, if the folder containing the clone file corresponds to an iTools device within Eurotherm Project Studio, then the clone file will automatically be set up for that device type.

Performance of the Programmer Editor has been improved for series controllers, and additional minor corrections have been made to both editors. For configuration of the and controllers, iTools 5. It is now possible to save the contents of the iTools Message Log window to file, as well as printing it.

This concept is known as Compounding: Configuration Station Features iTools now provides a range of features equivalent to many of those supported by the earlier Series Configuration Station software. Model i Indicator iTools now supports i indicator, version 2. See iTools Features above for more information. This removes the need for launching an edit dialog, and is therefore quicker and more convenient.

When placing new wires the auto wire routing is improved.

The ‘Find’ facility is located in a tabbed view adjacent to the Browser on the left side of the iTools main window. The Remote Instrument Protocol functionality does not work with version 1. The ‘Parameter Availability Settings’ dialog has been simplified for ease of use. This selection is made from the Edit menu for a newly created View, before any components have been placed. The device list panel of iTools Engineering Studio now shows a specific icon for devices which are not yet synchronized.


Contact your local Eurotherm representative for more information about Eurtherm Project Studio During execution of the iTools Setup program, the user is asked to specify which of the computer’s serial COM ports will be used by iTools. Changes since Version 4. Fix for nanodac programmer file errors Previous versions of iTools had an issue whereby program files saved onto the PC via the iTools Programmer Editor did not contain the program name parameters.

It is possible to upgrade the set of available features by purchasing a new Product Key from Eurotherm. When submitting a problem report or suggestion, please supply the following information, where applicable:. For each supported device type, iTools supports a number of 2440 device versions.

Programmer Editor The Programmer Editor is updated for version 2 release, including dual programmer modes.

Eurotherm iTools Version 9.79 Release notes

Diagnostic Utility A new utility is included to help diagnose some of the most common problems with iTools installations. Previous versions of iTools had an issue where, if the computer’s locale defined the decimal point separator as anything other than “. Mini8 Controller iTools now supports the Eurotherm Mini8 version 2. This applies both to the integrated and the standalone versions of the editor. The PC must be set to at least colors.

Terminal Wiring Editor Previous versions included a problem whereby the Terminal Wiring editor would show the wrong pinout for an RS module on controllers.