This article reviews potential anti-dengue activities from plants distributed . In the Philippines, Euphorbia hirta, known locally as “tawa–tawa”. Management of thrombocytopenia and flu-like symptoms in dengue patients with herbal water of Euphorbia hirta. Mir M, Khurshid R, Aftab R. BACKGROUND. PDF | Euphorbia hirta commonly known as Tawa-Tawa is a plant used in folklore medicine in the Philippines for the treatment of dengue.

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Euphorbia hirta – a possible cure for dengue

Healthy Lifestyle Guava leaf, prevent Dengue Haemorrhage. Debgue, the platelet increment by the E. Uncaria tomentosa belongs to family Rubiaceae. View at Google Scholar E. All the papers obtained from searching the databases with above search criteria were pooled together and duplicates were removed.

The ethnobotanical survey conducted in Pangasinan where dengue continues to be prevalent revealed most people, especially women, used this preparation as a supportive therapy for dengue [ 19 ]. The dengue protease 2FOM and dengue methyl transferase 2P40 have been selected as targets for binding assays. Glabranine 87- O -methylglabranine 9. Table 3 Demographic data according to age group and sex.

While traditional medicine offers a myriad of treatment alternatives, not only for dengue, but also for other diseases that contemporary medicine has not discovered a cure, there is still a need to subject these alternatives to rigorous study to ensure that they are safe and cost-effective.


Development of a vaccine for dengue is difficult since there are four closely related, but antigenically distinct, serotypes of the virus that can cause disease [ 646 ]. Eupyorbia indica belongs to the family Meliaceae. Inhibitory potential of Quercus lusitanica extract on Dengue virus type 2 replication.

Potential Use of Euphorbia hirta for Dengue: A Systematic Review of Scientific Evidence

However, some of the plants that have not yet been fully explored may have a broad range of potential therapeutic applications. Natural products as sources of new drugs over the period — Three different indigenous areas in Pangasinan [ Figure 1 ] where E. Srivastava M, Kapoor VP. Zostera marina Zostera marina belongs to family Zosteraceae.

Moreover, flavonoids can improve megakaryocytes to produce sufficient numbers of platelets and to modulate the platelet counts [ 20 ].

De Guzman et al documented the use of E hirta for dengue among three indigenous groups in Pangasinan: Questionnaire Design and Sampling Each specimen of E.

It is a brown seaweed found naturally in Okinawa, Japan. Hippophae rhamnoides belongs to family Elaeagnaceae. Natural products have become the main source of test material in the development of antiviral drugs based on traditional medical practices denguf 50 ].

Journal of Tropical Medicine

This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License http: Solomon T, Mallewa M. In addition, unpublished research has found that Psidium guava leaves are a good way to increase platelets, thus helping to avoid bleeding [ 55 ]. Journal List J Intercult Ethnopharmacol v. In recent years, the current dengue epidemic has become a focus of international public health awareness.


Increased platelets could lead to reduced bleeding, thus avoiding progression to the severe illness of DHF.

Quercus lusitanica belongs to family Fagaceae. A compound from the temperate marine eelgrasss Zostera marina has been identified as possessing anti-dengue virus activity in a focus-forming unit assay in LLC-MK2 cells [ 47 ].

The respondents did not described how cataplasms, poultices, paste, emollients and rubefacients are compounded although the issue of hygiene in their preparation are important, particularly if these dosage dengie are to be applied externally to infected sites.

Phytochemicals found in E. In addition, mosquito control programs are the most important preventive method [ 6 ].

Int J Pharm Frontier Res. Structure of some potential compounds for treatment of dengue fever DF isolated from denbue plants 1— Thus, the inhibitory effect was increased when C2S-3 was included at both stages of adsorption and internalization.