Cisto sacular congênito da laringe O cisto sacular da laringe é uma das causas de estridor laríngeo no recém-nascido, sendo diagnóstico diferencial de . Quiste sacular congénito de laringe: reporte de un caso y revisión de la literatura. sacular laríngeo congénito y su tratamiento mediante abordaje endoscópico y . Cuestas G. Quiste sacular congénito de laringe: una causa rara de estridor. TRAQUEOMALACIA Debilidad de las paredes de la tráquea obstrucción de vía aérea con la inspiración. LARINGOMALACIA CLÍNICA.

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Aetiology, diagnosis and management. B Postoperative day eight with scarring in the aryepiglottic fold and without evidence of cyst reproduction. When it occurs in neonates congnito is associated with respiratory distress, it must be treated urgently.

The saccular cyst consists of a dilation of the laryngeal ventricle filled with laringei that does not communicate with the laryngeal lumen 9. If the cyst is on the right side, the symptoms are accentuated in the contralateral lraingeo position 4.

To review the literature and report a case of congenital laryngeal saccular cyst, as well as its treatment by endoscopic approach and radiofrequency, which is most easily found in our country. Evaluation of the child in respiratory distress. Gastroesophageal reflux in patients with subglottic stenosis.

The first is caused by obstruction or atresia of the sac, which, depending on its location, will make the cyst more extensive or not.

Case reports

Nasofibrolaryngoscopy with cystic image on the right aryepiglottic fold, extended towards the ipsilateral piriform sinus and laryngeal ventricle. The patient was intubated for 9 days and treated with antibiotic therapy and dexamethasone IV due to postoperative edema.


Prospective description of patients with congenital and acquired stridor in early infancy. Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol ; Belmont JR, Grunfast K.

Congenital laryngeal saccular cyst

Cogenital laryngeal stridor laryngomalacia: Ann Otol Rhinol Laringol ; Cysts of the larynx–classification. Prolonged intubation injurires of the larynx: Radiofrequency ablation of laryngeal saccular cyst in infants: How to cite this article.

It was possible to resect a laryngeal saccular cyst smaller than 3cm in a safe and effective manner through microlaryngoscopy and radiofrequency, despite the lack of case reports regarding the use of this method. Two types of saccular cysts are described in the literature: Contrast coronal CT scan of the neck showing a cystic lesion extending from the piriform sinus to the trachea with a significant decrease in the caliber of the airway.

The main symptom of this pathology is stridor at birth that can conceal laryngomalacia or congenital vocal cord paralysis, which appear with stridor in the first weeks of life Saccular Cyst of Larynx.

The first two are considered insufficient treatments because, in the first case, the mucosa glands of the cyst continue to secrete mucus, thus generating reappearance, and in the second, multiple procedures are required due to cyst recurrence that can easily generate laryngeal stenosis with subsequent tracheotomy 8, Etiology of stridor in neonate infant and child.

Laryngeal stridor is an important sign related to several pathologies of the airway. Dias II ; Emanuel C. The effect of aryepiglottoplasty for laryngomalacia on gastroesophageal reflux.

Ann Otol Rhinol Laringol coongenito Suppl Congenital laryngeal saccular cyst: Laryngeal saccular cyst estridkr an infant. Presentation of a case report and estrodor review in PubMed and Tripdatabase using the described keywords.

Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; Artigo aceito em 8 de junho de Flexible carbon dioxide laser-assisted endoscopic marsupialization and ablation of a laryngeal saccular cyst in a neonate. Own elaboration based on the data obtained in the study.


Larinteo this disease is high ly important to achieve proper diagnosis and provide treatment using the resources avail able in our country, such as radiofre quency. The mucosa from the roof of the lesion was cauterized, the capsule incised, the cystic lesion resected at the superior level, and the dissection continued until achieving communication of the cystic cavity with an ipsilateral laryngeal ventricle ventriculostomy.

Paediatr Respir Rev ;5: Os resultados foram apresentados de forma descritiva e em percentuais, sendo confrontados com os dados da literatura.

Endoscopic findings in children with stridor

Respiratory distress was observed, which required supplementary oxygen as first measure, soon moving to non-invasive mechanical ventilation without improvement, and ending with orotracheal intubation. Ashtekar CS, Congenio A.

Do cuffed endotracheal tubes increase the risk of airway mucosal injury and post-extubation stridor in children? Saccular cyst is a benign supraglottic lesion that is usually unilateral, does not conngenito an opening to the laryngeal ventricle and is greater than 1cm 3.

Size of endotraqueal tube and neonatal acquired subglottic stenosis. A current review of characteristics and management.

Contrast computed tomography CT of the larynx with 3D reconstruction under sedation was requested to assess the extension of the lesion.

Despite the lack of case reports, knowing the characteristics of con genital saccular cyst is necessary to indicate proper treatment based on the available re sources.