Hello, I have two users who when printing get the following error: Error: invalidfont Offending Command: xshow One user gets it when printing. Error when printing Office docs post-Outlook install. ERROR: invalidfont OFFENDING COMMAND: xshow. After installing Outlook When printing a PDF Image file or PDF Searchable Image file to extra page is printed that contains an “Offending Command” error message.

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I’m having an odd problem here at work. I have Acrobat vXI. However, my co-workers and likely our customers cannot print them to our Dell printer.

Dell Laser Printer n PS3. Can anyone tell me how to create or change my PDFs so anyone can print them anywhere? If you can post a sample of such a PDF file, we can examine it here at Adobe to ascertain whether there is anything wrong with the PDF file itself. Thank you for your response. I think that would have solved the problem but our IT guy wouldn’t do that. However, I deselected the “Rely on system fonts only FM defaults to co,mand default printer so I had to change that too.

Error: invalidfont Offending Command: xshow

I’m not sure which did the trick but now everyone can print to that printer. Oddly, it only affected some people in the office. A few could print the PDF to that Dell printer but others couldn’t.

Our concern was that a customer might have a problem printing it so I pursued it. I now have a few more steps to my end-of-cycle checklist but it shouldn’t invalidvont again.

I’ve been having this problem with a job application my son was trying to download. This is the URL of the document in question:. Switching from Level 3 to Level 2 is actually what I would have recommended, so you’ve already done the right thing to get this document to print.

Here is the problem with PostScript and old printers or old printer drivers: In my experience and I’ve worked for a number of printer manufacturers, so I had a front row seat for thatover the years, Acrobat’s PostScript generator has been getting more and more picky about how well a PostScript printer needs to interpret the PostScript specification.

Oftentimes a new version of Acrobat would break printing to a certain printer, and it was not because of a bug in Acrobat, but would require a new driver from the printer manufacturer to deal with the new “flavor” of PostScript. You also may want to check to see if there is an updated printer driver available for your printer from the manufacturer.


That may also fix the problem. You also have the choice of printing in PCL to your printer which may require that you install a PCL driver – that will also very likely avoid this problem.

As to why exactly it’s happening, that would require to dig into the exact stack dump, and the actual PostScript file sent to the shlw. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the PDF file you posted we examined it in detail nor in the PostScript being generated by Acrobat.

For printers that claim to be PostScript-based, Acrobat and Reader generate their own PostScript, pretty much bypassing the printer driver entirely except to ascertain the printer properties such as PostScript language level, paper trays, etc.

Thus, it is exceptionally unlikely that changing the invalodfont driver is going to help one iota!

Error: invalidfont Offending Command: xshow – Microsoft Community

What is true is that Lexmark printers do not use Adobe PostScript, but rather a somewhat unreliable third party emulation of PostScript i. From what we understand, there have been some improvements in Lexmark printers over the years and as such, you might want to ascertain whether Lexmark can provide a downloadable printer firmware upgrade for your device that might solve the problem.

In the interim, yes, changing the PostScript language level support from 3 to 2 is always a fallback you can try since PostScript generation related to fonts is very different for language levels 2 and 3 and your PDF file had some CID-encoded embedded fonts Wingdings for which language level 2 and 3 differ significantly.

The downside of Language Level 2 over Language Level 3 is that it is less efficient and invalidcont certain graphical constructs, such as offendingg, may produce much lower quality output. The other workaround is to use the Print as image option in the Advanced Print options.

This sends a massive raster bitmap of each page to the printer and thus bypasses any font issues albeit with dramatically poorer performance and possibly significantly poorer print quality. This is the postscript file generated for page 2 of the document that wouldn’t print for me using the Lexmark C printer driver.


Dov, I always respect and value your expertise and knowledge, but in this case, I have to respectfully disagree. When I say “over the years”, I am actually referring to a bit more than 10 years, I started to program for and with Acrobat back in the “Exchange” days.

I know first hand of a number of instances where an update to Adobe Acrobat caused problems on our office multi-functional devices running the Adobe PS interpreter.

These problems were always fixed by an updated driver. The problems were no print output, printing only the first page of a multi-page document invaldifont I think lnvalidfont issues. So maybe my use of the term “picky” is not quite right, and it’s more about a newer version of Acrobat unearthing a latent problem in a driver, but again, I can recall at least there of these instances involving one printer manufacturer’s PostScript drivers.

The last of these was shw 8 or 9 years ago, and I am extrapolating and assuming that the same kind of problems are still being triggered today – even tough I don’t see them anymore because I now work in a different environment. Kathy, as we now know from Dov’s analysis, there is nothing wrong with the PostScript that is invalidfnot to the printer, so we can assume that Lexmark’s PostScript 3 emulation has it’s problems, The only people who can help you with that problem are at Lexmark, so you may want to get in touch with Lexmark’s support.

For commad time being, you can print using the level 2 language level. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

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