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Erasmo y España, estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI

Much more fundamental- she would have hated to spend her life with attention concentrated on one aspect of human activity, and could never have brought herself to neglect men and women for generalisations about them, bankers for their liquidity preferences or horse-dealers for J. When he reached the age of seventy, the fellows of Trinity unanimously extended his term of office for a further five years.

The first Trevelyan lectures were given inat which Trevelyan himself made one of his last public appearances. But he found the hypercritical atmosphere of the university inimical to his own more spacious and creative impulses, and he was outraged when in J. She dressed for the triumph; enjoyed it immensely; and raised the level of talk and wit in that Combination Room. It is hoped that when the storms are over ways may be found for publishing with the lectures some at least of the masses of close research on which they were based.

From an early age, and as befitted someone bearing his middle name, Trevelyan resolved to write history in the grand manner of his great-uncle. She did it so well, exploding old fallacies and uncovering fresh truth, that no one need try the theme again for a generation or two.

Marcel Bataillon

Ricardo was not nor, I think, Jevons. She worked her, way along lines of her own choosing. He never indulged in the homosexual relations that became widespread for a time among some Apostles, but he did absorb their culture of radical agnosticism.


My colleague had just finished some editorial work on its last chapter when she was taken; but, war or peace, the volume shall be out early next year. In conformity with family precedent, Trevelyan erasno educated at Harrow School, where Winston Churchill was a near contemporary. And all that the house- keeper of No.

For him the true glory of lay in its tolerant moderation, and in its long-lasting and beneficent effects. But this did not imply a withdrawal from public life: This first volume was to be, is to be, agrarian. He was a Fellow of Peterhouse from until his death. When we got to work we were a little dis- appointed to baataillon that the number of scholars with the nerve for such treatment was less than we had hoped.

Cambridge appointed her working partner as she had wished. And the members of the Economic History Society will remember him not only as a historian who ranked with the foremost exponents of the subject, but also as abtaillon scholar of sparkling vitality and brilliant intellect, and a professional colleague of enduring and timeless stature. For he believed passionately in the importance of primary research, and the Garibaldi books had been much praised for their innovative use of archival material in a work of recent history.

Yet, thanks to her conception, the agrarian volume is a whole and can stand alone, as it must, until the nations can co-operate again. And there was always the dislike of the monstrous regiment of men.

Bataillon examina casos concretos en auxilio de sus aseveraciones: Elie Halevy and Marc Bloch, Pirenne and Ganshof are the first names that yy to mind; but there were very many others. The Review, of which she was never an editor but always a member of the editorial committee, gave every opportunity for utilising and widening all these international connections. We arranged everything in a few minutes.

Relatives and scholars and all the different sorts of friends, and the children of friends, shared it in perpetual succession. His first child, Mary Caroline —inherited her share of the family gifts, pride, and interests, and her many publications included William III and the Defence of Holland, —73a biography of Wordsworth 2 vols.


His next book was a life of John Brightanother Liberal hero who was a high-minded internationalist and campaigner for peace, and a central figure in the making of Victorian England.

It was a zestful work of confident youth, and the jauntiness of the prose sometimes reads like a parody of Macaulay. The central section of our first volume and some sections of our second had to be more subdivided than we had wished because the man who knew all about Lilliput might profess his inability to compare it with Laputa or Brobdingnag.

Her rooms were full of beautiful things, mostly Chinese. There followed what must have been a hard year intravelling around Central Europe, attempting unsuccessfully to continue his studies in Vienna and Cernowitz, and picking up a living as a journalist. Any circle is desperately broken by the loss of its most vivid personality; and learned circles-it may perhaps be said without offence-are not often over-endowed with vivid character.

He was tall, with a wiry frame and austere features, and he enjoyed erasml well-merited reputation as a bwtaillon walker. Every holiday used to be on the end of a rope: The Medieval Economy and Society These feelings also informed his last biography, Grey of Fallodonan elegiac evocation of the British foreign secretary —16who was another Northumberland landowner and nature-lover, and a firm upholder of decent standards in public life.

Could it be Eileen Power who wrote p. Ewpaa, Trevelyan and his family had left London for semi-rural Berkhamsted. Essays on Historical Method.