Notice for EPSON AcuLaser CX11NF or EPSON AcuLaser. CX11F Users. manually, set the Paper Type setting on the printer driver to Thick. (Back), Extra. Basics guide, Epson aculaser, Cx11n/cx11nf • Read online or download PDF • Epson CX11NF User Manual. View and Download Epson AcuLaser CX11NF basic manual online. Epson All in One Printer User Manual. AcuLaser CX11NF All in One Printer pdf manual.

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Provides Epson-approved methods for adjustment. Abbreviations The following is a representative example of abbreviations both original and common ones used in this manual. Automatic Density Control HT Safety Information To prevent accidents during a maintenance procedure, strictly observe the Warnings and Cautions and never depart from the instructions given aculsser this document.

Do not do anything that is dangerous even if not specifically described in this manual. In addition to the descriptions below and those given in this manual, there are many situations and circumstances that could result in serious bodily injury.

Then manually rotate the assembly. Cautions relating to Toner cleaning Cautions relating to Storage of Paper To prevent ignition, explosion, burn, injury, etc.

To do so may cause the toner to catch fire by unit should be sealed up by packing material or put into a plastic bag to prevent it from sparks in the vacuum cleaner. Safety Devices Use extra care when checking or servicing the safety devices e. The printer’s cover, control panel and any other parts which are directly related to the user’s safety should also be observed carefully.

As the major safety devices, the printer is equipped with the following four interlock switches: Monochrome Print Mode Unit: Temperature and Humidity Operating Printer 65 to kPa 0 to 3, m or less. Pull out the upper part of the package upward. Take out the photoconductor unit and the toner cartridge boxes.

Semiconductor laser beam scanning and dry dpi electrophotographic process with two ingredients Light source: An optional sheet cassette can be added to the printer to feed papers as follows.

Conditions for the capacity: Paper with punch holes or perforations Monochrome: RX paper monochromepaper 20 lb Creased, curled or torn paper Color: Available Paper by Feeder Continuous printing beyond the guaranteed printing area border 4mm. Skew Simplex printing Table Printing start position accuracy Main scanning direction a-b 1.

Temperature and humidity conditions Table If the main unit is turned off, the cartridge that needs to be replaced does not move to the cartridge replacement position. During printing To keep the image density at target level. When printing more than 51 copies pages continuously Cycle Down To keep the image density at target level. When the number of printed copies pages becomes 20 by both continuous or intermittent printing after performing the ADC, the printer performs another ADC when the current job is finished.


Epson AcuLaser CX11 Service Manual

Paper Size and Print Area unit: Each time the button is pressed, the current mode is switched. Pressing the button twice turns the current mode to printer mode. Status, Guidance Moves to print mode initial screen after displaying start-up screen for 2 seconds. If an error has occurred, error screen appears. Guidance is displayed as long aculxser the error can be cleared and the job is continuable.

In from the fax board. MM- European destinations Note: Initial values for time messages depend on the destination. Products for other than Noth America are European destination spec.

In copy mode, switch to print mode. Moves to fax mode Invalid Moves to fax modeIn fax mode, switch to print mode. Self diagnosis After entering maintenance mode, the engine process control is executed forcibly. D4 compatible device Space: Non D4 compliant device Number of occurrences of jams indicated by JC and 6 figures Number of replacements of Toner Cartridge indicated by IC and 12 manua, and number of recoveries aculawer errors Toner Cartridge indicated by 12 figures.

Simplified Status Sheet 1 Figure Simplified Status Sheet 2. Information on fax jobs currently stored in the memory maual printed out in a list. BCR keeps contact with the drum and moves together with it.

This printer uses two developing systems: To The charging characteristics of the carrier is depleted due to dirt caused by the maintain the appropriate development density, the equivalent amount of consumed toner or due to scratches caused by stirring.

The 1st BTR contacts the back side of the Belt and charge the back side to positive. Cleaning the drum Toner that was mqnual transferred to the Belt at the “Primary transfer” process remains on the drum surface.

Since the remaining toner hinder subsequent processes, it is scraped off by a Cleaning Blade that contacts with the drum, and is collected in the Waste Cd11nf Box. The 2nd BTR comes in contact with the Belt only when transferring the image to paper to prevent the toner image formed on the Belt surface from being destroyed.

Fuser Assy does not have a pressure roll, but has a Fuser Belt instead. Formation of 2-D print image: The components are divided into four blocks as follows based on the basic configuration. The Xerographic is divided into the following four blocks based on the basic configuration.

Toner remaining on the drum is scraped off by the Cleaning Blade, and collected in the Waste Toner Box. It contacts the back aculzser paper back of the side to be printed on and a voltage is applied from the HVPS.

It also functions to feed paper before and after auclaser, and feed Exit Roll Exit Sensor paper to the eject tray or Duplex by switching the gate inside the Fuser.

Control of the entire print process including the correction of aculasser is called “process control. To read each color’s patch density, the light emitted from the LED for black is The printer is warming up until the printer is ready for printing. The printer has finished the warm-up and is ready for printing.


Sequence The printer starts printing as soon as it finishes to receive Yellow data of one page. The power supply and the control signals to the scanner unit from the main controller are as follows. Detects whether document is manua, on the mankal fixed CCD Sensor in the scanner unit and allows up to 50 sheets of document when tray or not.

Wear a wrist strap to discharge static electricity from your body. Printer-Dependent Epsin As this product is an all in one printer, it is necessary to figure out which function has caused the error or the warning displayed on the panel. This section explains principal Scanner-Dependent Error Table Button Names Displayed in Panel Self Diagnosis All the modules on the fax unit listed below are checked epwon they are operating normally and janual results are displayed on the panel.

Procedures to access the sections. Six items are provided and memory areas to be cleared are preset by the items as shown in Table WRITE Memory contents of the fax unit can be displayed Read on the panel and can be When an address is input with the numeric keypad, current setting values in the address changed Write.

Epson CX11NF User Manual | pages

FIP is a guide for Ask the operator about the conditions of the trouble. The printer, however, can be operated. FIP-1 Does the error recur when the power is turned Install M TnrCart Does the error recur when the power is turned Install C TnrCart Does the error recur when the power is turned Install K TnrCart Does the error recur when the power is turned Install Photocondctr Does the error recur when the power is turned Possible parts that caused the error Photocondctr Trouble Do all of the wiring below have normal Possible parts that caused the error continuity.

Wrong Photocondctr Do all of the wiring below have normal Repair broken or Panel Message shorted part. TonerCart Error Y Do all of the wiring below have normal Wrong Toner Y Do all of the wiring below have normal TonerCart Error M Do all of the wiring below have normal Wrong Toner M Do all of the wiring below have normal TonerCart Error C Do all of the wiring below have normal Wrong Toner C Do all of the wiring below have normal TonerCart Error K Do all of the wiring below have normal Wrong Toner K Do all of the wiring below have normal End of procedure Panel Message made?

Go to Step [7].