Original filename: Engenharia Software -Ian PDF Document o que e engenharia e o que e engenharia de produc a o. Title, Engenharia de software (8a. ed.). Author, Ian Sommerville. Publisher, Pearson Educación, ISBN, , Length, pages. Engenharia de Software – 6ª Edição Ian Sommerville – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Engenharia de Software 3. Enviado por Barbara flag Denunciar. Utility services are usually developed or adapted specifically for this system. Application services that provide specific applications such as email, conferencing, photo sharing, etc.

Application services are external services that are either specifically purchased for the system or are available freely over the Internet. Configuration services that are used to adapt the environment with a specific set of application services and to define how services are shared between students, teachers, iab their parents. The environment has been designed so that services can be replaced sommmerville new enenharia vices become available and to provide different versions of the system that are suited for the age of the users.

This means that the system has to support two levels of ser- vice integration: Integrated services are services that offer an API application programming interface and that can be accessed by other services through that API.

Direct service-to-service communication is therefore possible.

Ian Sommerville Software Engineering Pearson (2015)

An authentication ser- vice is an example of an integrated service. Rather than use xommerville own authenti- cation mechanisms, an authentication service may be called on by other services to authenticate users.


If users are already authenticated, then the authentication service may pass authentication information directly to another service, via an API, with no need for users to reauthenticate themselves.

Independent services are services that are simply accessed softward a browser interface and that operate independently of other services. Information can only be shared with other services through explicit user actions such as copy and paste; reauthentication may be required for each independent service.

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If an independent service becomes widely used, the development team may then integrate that service so that it becomes an integrated and supported service. Barry Boehm identifies timeless software engineering principles but also suggests that some commonly used practices are obsolete.

Ethics for the Information Age. This is a wide-ranging book that covers all aspects of information technology IT ethics, not simply ethics for software engineers.

I think this is the right approach as you really need to understand software engineering ethics within a wider ethical framework M. Essential software product attributes are maintainability, dependability and security, efficiency, and acceptability. The high-level activities of specification, development, validation, and evolution are part of all software processes. Few, if any, specific design and implementation techniques are applicable to all kinds of system.

These fundamentals include managed software processes, software dependability and security, requirements engineering, and software reuse. They should not simply be concerned with technical issues but should be aware of the ethical issues that affect their work.

These set out the standards of behavior expected of their members. This book discusses the idea of a universal framework that can underlie all software engineering methods.

It can be adapted and used for all types of systems and organizations. I am personally skeptical about whether or not a universal approach is realistic in practice, but the book has some interesting ideas that are worth exploring. Jacobsen, P-W Ng, P. engenharis


Engenharia De Software (Em Portuguese do Brasil): Ian Sommerville: : Books

Explain why professional software that is developed for a customer is not simply the programs that have been developed and delivered. What is the most important difference between generic software product development and custom software development?

What might this mean in practice for users of generic sommedville products? Briefly discuss why it is usually cheaper in the long run to use software engineering methods and techniques for software systems. Software engineering is not only concerned with issues like system heterogeneity, business and social change, trust, and security, but also with ethical issues affecting the domain.

Give some examples engenhaeia ethical issues that have an impact on the software engineering domain. Based on your own knowledge of some of the application types discussed in Section 1. Explain why the fundamental software engineering principles of process, dependability, requirements management, and reuse are relevant to all types of software engenhatia.

Explain how electronic connectivity between various development teams can support software engineering activities. Noncertified individuals are still allowed to practice software engineering. Discuss some of the possible drawbacks of this.