Down To Earth takes a look at one of the worst and longest-running pesticide poisoning episodes in India and how it culminated with the Supreme Court. The numbers of people affected by nearly 20 years of aerial spray of Endosulfan, an organochlorine pesticide, in the cashew plantations in Kasaragod, the. Our mission is to get rid of the deadly chemical Endosulfan from India. Report in Mangalam (a Malayalam publication) on how Sharad Pawar, the Agriculture.

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We are yet to understand the magnitude of malajalam problem,” says Shree Padre. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He encouraged Kumar to probe further.

Thanal based its results on concluded studies and survey done by itself to analyse the health impacts. Many children were found suffering from birth deformities, cancer, cerebral palsy, mental disorders, skin diseases, vision loss; many women were found infertile. What Dubey Did ; Endosulfan declared not guilty August The article showed how Dubey malayalwm suppressed dissent and that majority of the scientific members in the committee had ruled against endosulfan. An update Aroundthe agriculture department began planting cashew trees on the hills around Padre.

Several families live right at the edge of the forest. The report concluded that there endosuflan a high prevalence of congenital malformations in exposed groups, low IQ, Scholastic backwardness, learning disability, early menarche in girls and delayed puberty in boys.

Tracking decades-long endosulfan tragedy in Kerala

Ecological studies also showed high content of endosulfan in soil, water and the flora. High rates of locomotor disability and mental retardation were found in the Enmakaje panchayat as compared to the rate in Kerala according to a state level household health survey conducted by KSSP in Muthalamada in Palakkad district, known as the Mango city, has easy access to endosulfan through the porous Tamil Nadu border.

A journalist reported the story warning that endosulfan, the pesticide used in the aerial spraying, might have been the cause. Endksulfan has agreed to phase out use of Endosulfan by and all existing stock of the pesticide in the country that is past its expiry date, government said malayalaam.

Endosulfan sufferers don’t count. August 20, Volume 73, Number The author was Malsyalam “Shree” Padre, a farmer and journalist who takes keen interest in agriculture, the environment and matters of public interest. The Court passed the order while hearing a petition filed by the Democratic Youth Federation of India.


Let us join together and fight to eliminate it completely from India! Their trees, water, crops, land, their very bodies have absorbed endosulfan for more than two decades. In the end of this report is a compilation of all literature available on endosulfan labelled under different headings. People also noticed the death of fishes, honeybees, frogs, birds, chicken and even cows.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The Committee recommended that in view of recommendations of other committees aerial spraying endosulfn pesticides may not be allowed at all in endozulfan situation.

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

The Court has given a two month period for the ICMR-Agriculture commissioner joint committee to submit their report on the health impacts of Endosulfan. The health effects of the chemical include neurotoxicity, late sexual maturity, physical deformities, poisoning, among others.

A legal notice for harassment, criminal intimidation, damage of property and threat to life, is served to Sunita Narain by the representative of CEA.

The Supreme Court passed interim order mwlayalam May 13,in a Writ Petition filed by Democratic Youth Federation of India, DYFIa youth wing of Communist Party of India Marxist in the backdrop of the incidents reported in Kasargode, Kerala, and banned the production, distribution and use of endosulfan in India because the pesticide has debilitating effects on humans and the environment.

It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view. But noose tightens December 10th Subsequent reports were to be filed after visits in August ma,ayalam a brainstorming session on the use of endosulfan.

Letter was sent to Sharad Pawar by Dr. They obtained an ad interim stay till February 8, restricting pck from spraying of endosulfan by helicopters or any other means. They were tested for presence of Endosulfan to determine the environment and health impacts.

Inthe EPA announced it was rereviewing the safety of endosulfan.

There are no fireflies. A three member team from the National Institute of Occupational Health is set up. The toxicity of endosulfan and health issues due to its bioaccumulation came under media attention when health issues precipitated in the Kasargod District of Kerala were publicised.


Sreekumar alleges that no tests were conducted by doctors in medical camps to confirm whether the diseases were actually caused due to Endosulfan: November 30, The Kasaragod Declaration. Its effect is showing on people living there. December 26, The next day some young men of Padre gathered around the temporary helipad. With regard to consumers’ intake of endosulfan from residues on food, the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations has concluded that long-term exposure from food is unlikely to present a public health concern, but short-term exposure can exceed acute reference doses.

But a woman from Kajampady area of Padre, who works in the pck plantations, informed Down To Earth that spraying was going on through manual pumps in some parts of the plantations. Since there was no other source that could explain the health hazards the committee attributed it to aerial spraying of endosulfan in the plantation.

How it all began CSE’s fight to get justice for the victims: The panchayat complained to the district collector, seeking a thorough probe. The study revealed that proportion of childless couples was three times higher in Padre village Enmakaje Panchayat that other areas in and around the plantations.

Relative to the control group, the exposed boys had high levels of endosulfan in their bodies, lower levels of testosteroneand delays in reaching sexual maturity.

The highlight of this report is the farmer exposure study based on analysis of malaylaam blood reports for residues of endosulfan and the absence of any residues. We only want an end to this tragedy.

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

Although, the Supreme Court had, by an order dated The victims who are on strike under the aegis of the ‘Endosulfan Peeditha Janakeeya Munnani’ includes blind, completely bedridden people among others.

This section does not cite any sources.

They even went to the extent of sending fake cases. Article in Down to Earth — 2.