Meaning of électrogénèse in the French dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for peuvent rendre compte des troubles de l’électrogénèse corticale. Ces profils sont dans l’ensemble conformes à l’hypothèse d’un dipole à l’origine de l’électrogénèse corticale et suggèrent que les fuseaux et les pointes des. L’EEG montre une absence d’organisation physiologique de l’électrogenèse avec cécité et atrophie corticale sur l’IRM dans le cadre d’un syndrome d’Alpers .

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Structures and mechanisms responsible for paradoxical sleep. Neurophysiology of the States of Sleep. Michel Jouvet Physiological Reviews 47 2 pp: Structures and mechanisms responsible for electrogsnese sleep.

A synthesis of paradoxical sleep electrogenesr. Relationship with oneiric activity in man. Phylogenesis of the States of Sleep. Ontogenesis of the States of Sleep. A Possible Monoaminergic Theory of Sleep. Hypothalamic temperature in unanesthetized albino rats during feeding and sleeping.

Rate of recovery of funcdoning in cats with rostral reticular lesions. Hypothalamic temperature in the cat during feeding and sleep.

Meaning of “électrogénèse” in the French dictionary

Science Sleep cortical and subcortical recordings in the chimpanzee. Corticofugal influences on intrinaic brain-stem conduction in cat and monkey. The entorhinal area, dectrophysiological corticaale of ita interrelations with rhinencephale structures and the brainstem.

Impulses in the pyramidal tract. Higher nervous activity cortiale cats with midpontine pretrigeminal tranaectiona. Conditioning in the midpontine pretrigeminal cat.

Orientation reactions in the midpontine pretrigeminal cat. Electrical activity of the pulvinar and E. Sleep produced by electrical stimulation of the thalamus Am. On the sleep induced through electrical stimulation on dog thalamus. Slow dectrical proceases in the brain. Modification au cours de la veille et du sommeil des valeurs moyemnes de reponses nerveuses centrales induite par des stimulations somatiques chez le chat libre.

Rolee du mesencephale dans la phase ” paradoxale” du sommeil chez le lapin These de Medecine. The electroencephalogram as a resultant of ascending influences on the cells of the cortex.


Effect of drugs and metabolic alteration on braim atem arousal mechanism. Pyramidal activity during sleep and wakefulness.

Slow potential elicited in the cerebral cortex by sensory and reticular stimulation. A method for the quantification of tonic activity in the nervous system. Biol Two type of ocular motility occurring in sleep. Spinal reflexes in normal unrestrained cat during sleep and waltefulness.

Exprientia 20 Transcallosal, extracallosal and geniculo cortical responses during physiological sleep and wakefulness. The behaviour of chronically decerebrate cats. In Neurological Basis of Behavioredited by G. London Churchill,p. Neural mechanisms underlying the endming E. Effects of complete pontine transections on the sleep-wakefulness rhythm the midpontine pretrigeminal preparation.

Persistent patterns of wakefulness in the pretrigeminal midpontine preparation. Science Electroencephalographic synchronization and desynchronization in the chronic ” cerveau isole” of the dog. Evidence for ascending fibers in the pyramidal tract of the cat.

Effets des agonistes dopaminergiques sur la somnolence chez le sujet sain – EM|consulte

The auditory input during sleep and wakefulness. Further studies on the action of adrenergic drugs on cortical activity. A study of the sherringtonian decerebrate animal in the chronic as well as in the acute condition. The electroencephalogram of goats during somnolence and electrofenese. Etude experimentale de l’abaissement de la vigilance par le gammabutyrolactone. Etude des variations de l’activation corticale provoquee par des stimulations reticulaires en experience chronique.

Paris 50 Variation avec l’etat de vigilance et au cours du sommeil des reponses electrocorticales obtenues par stimulation des voies visuelles. Activite unitaire du nerf optique, du corp genouille lateral et de la formation reticulaire durant les differents stades du sommeil. Paris 56 Seuil d’excitabilite reticulaire et sommeil profond chez le chat. Paris 52 Mecanismes hypnogenes du tronc de l’encephale antagonistes du systeme reticulaire activateur. In Aspects anatomo-fonctionnels de la physialogie du sommeila Symposium, edited by M.

Pupil behavior and ocular movements during synchronized and desynchronized sleep Arch. Ocular phenomena during synchronized and desynchronized slectrogenese. In Aspects anatomo-fonctionncls dc la physiologie du sommeila Symposium, edited by M.

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Gammahydroxybutyrate, a normal brain metabolite. Elecgrogenese Gammahydroxybutyrate and gamma butyrolactone. Concentration in rat tissues during anesthesia. Local cerebral impedance and blood elsctrogenese during sleep and arousal Exptl. Changes in the orthodromic and antidromic response of optic tract during the eye movements of sleep. Physiologist 8 3 Functional conections between pontine reticular formation and lateral geniculate nucleus during deep sleep.

  ASTM D4212 PDF

Biol The effect of Deocortical and hippocampal spreading depression on the slow wave E. Ricerche dettrofisiologiche sul sonno del cane e del coniglio. Localisation de formations bulbaires intervenant dans le controle de differentes manifestations de l’acuvation reticulaire.

Prolonged spontaneous and evoked reticular activation following discrete bulbar lesions. Bulbar control of cortical arousal. Controle bulbaire du systeme activateur. In Aspects anatomofonctionnels de la physialogie du sommeil, a Symposium edited by M.

DELL Milieu interieur et activite automatique des cellules reticulaires mesencephaliques. Mise en jeu differentielle de decharges reticulaires breves ou prolongees apartir de certains etages du systeme activateur.

Controle reticulaire de l’innervation reciproque de la pupille et controle inhibiteur tonique bulbaire du tonus pupilloconstricteur Rev.

Cerveau “isole” et physiologie du sommeil. Nouvelles recherches sur le mecanisme du sommeil. The neurophysiological problem of sleep. In Brain Mechanisms and Consciousnessedited by E. Oxford Blackwell,p. Les regulations nerveuses de l’activite corticale.

Facilitation et inhibition des potentiels evoques corticaux dans l’eveil cerebral. Contribution a l’etude des mecanismes physiologiques du maintien cirticale l’activite vigile du cerveau.

Interaction de la formation reticulee et de l’ecorce cerebrale dans le processus du reveil. The Reticular Formation of the Brain Stem. Anatomical Aspects eelectrogenese Functional Correlations.

Edinburgh Oliver and Boyd,87 p. The relation between electro-cortical waves and responsiveness of the cortico-spinal system. Rhinencephalic spikes and beta waves in the cat under pentobarbItal. Brain stem electrical activity during deep sleep. Hippocampal rlectrogenese in the unrestrained rat. Relations between gamma efferent discharge and cortical activity.

A behavioral index of caudate-induced inhibition Electroencephalog.