Eldar Psyker Good guy Games Workshop is giving us access to free rules for the Craftworlds Bonesinger miniature. Come take a look at latest. Currently, the Battle Brothers rule states that the AELDARI and Ynnari Faction tags are The Path of War: Objective Secured, 8th Edition Eldar style. providing a data-sheet with updated rules for the Firestorm, it is unfortunately restricted to. The Firestorm Scatter Lasers is a variant of the normal with streaking laser bolts above an Eldar grav-tank formation.

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While this is certainly useful, especially if you’re running lots of Scatter Lasersit’s also very expensive If you ran just a Battalion, you just burned half your total CP to do this once and can end up being somewhat redundant on weapons that have decent rending already.

It is also the ideal Craftworld for a vehicle heavy list, or for maxing out footdar infantry unit sizes due to their built in commissar-esk rules the old commissars, before the dreaded Chapter Approved.

Not as useful on Swooping Hawks or your tanks, since they could already shoot after falling back due to the FLY keywordbut everyone else benefits from it, given the short range of most of your guns. Hemlocks are powerful fliers even without the added durability, S12 auto-hitting shots will make short work of MEQs, Monsters and Tanks alike, though the limited number of shots launched per turn makes it less effective against horde-based armies directly.

Eldar Firestorm – Request for Info – Forum – DakkaDakka

As a biker unit, a Warlock Skyrunner can also putter along and cast Conceal for a relatively reliable -2 modifier as well. Even regular Wraithguard are no slouch in close combat and every exploding firestoorm hurts all the more. Wraithguard also appreciate the extra movement, being able to finish off a Rhino then slaughter the occupants, or a free charge as they are no slouch in combat either.

While a good amount of eldar cheese has been rulse down since 8th edition launched, there are still a couple units that can perform spectacularly when grouped together. So yes, the new rules supercede the old, but only for games using the apocalypse expansion.

On top of a much lower likelyhood of even being hit in the first place thanks to their Holo-Fields. All in all a pretty good weapon, but is relatively and surprisingly underwhelming weapon for a Titanic unit given that it’s a Heavy weapon as opposed to a Macro. All of them are aspect warrior s, but none of them have the actual keywords of the aspect they represent.


Re-roll all failed to-wound rolls against a unit with the Slaanesh keyword. They’re also a very flexible unit at a reasonable price tag; they can bring Shuricannons and Flamers for anti-infantry roles, or can slap on AMLs or Bright Lances to deal with dldar monsters or vehicles.

Firestorm rules? – Beginners and Newbies – 40K Online

No adverts like this in the forums anymore. The main firestirm on the Fire Prism grav-tank, the Prism Firestor, is not only a powerful cannon but has many unique properties that give it great versatility. The Prism Fireztorm is similar to a Prism Rifle but with a longer barrel that further focuses and refines the weapon’s beam to provide even greater range with a more powerful beam.

Combine with Cloud Strike and your opponent is guaranteed to rulew into a pillar of salt. A bit of a one-trick pony, but not much is going to be walking rkles from that particular volley of Shuriken shots. The first Farseer should cast Doom; if they need to use the re-roll for it, they should do so, and then cast Smite, and the second Farseer will ensure Guide goes off without a hitch.

Given how fast most of your army will be as well, it may not be a bad idea to slap Faolchu’s Wing on a footslogging Warlock or Spiritseer so that they can keep pace with girestorm wards.

All attacks against that unit are resolved at -1 to hit for the rest of the phase. Though similar to a Bright Lance, Pulsars are four to five times in size and immensely more powerful with greater range and a high rate of fire. Take a full unit of 10 with a Reaper Launcher or Missile Launcher on the Exarch with Yvraine as your Warlord, and spam Word of the Phoenix on them ; combine, if you are feeling saucy, firwstorm a Farseer for Guide, and either Doom for if the enemy gets close or Fortune if you’re just worried about surviving the reprisal.

Many Eldar consider the laser weapon the most elegant of all with the Sunrifle being at the top of the totem pole; exulting in the fact that their technological mastery extends even to light itself. During the shooting phase, pick a Wave Serpent that discharged its shield on an earlier turn. These shards, while capable of cutting and lacerating flesh, are not particularly powerful alone; they act as a conductor to a follow-up intense laser burst.


All powers have a range of 18″, are active for one full round, can buff only Asuryani Ledar and Bikerand debuff everything. This message was edited 2 times. Finally, they themselves can take the infamous Psytronome of Iyanden into battle alongside their Wraith buddies. At the start of your turn, you may pick an Iyanden Spiritseer.

Usefulness may vary, though if you have the CP to spare and do have a significant unit investment in your Specialist Detachment, this can definitely help maximize your unit synergy. Additionally, as each soulburst fireestorm only trigger once per turn, only on your turn, taking full advantage of SfD requires considerably more planning and preparation, where only parts of your army can ever benefit from the Reborn Detachment trade-off.

Universal [ edit ] Standard strategems that can be used by any and all Craftworlds, as well as Fierstorm.


You have a good number of units eeldar benefit more from Word of the Phoenix and Strength from Death than they ever would Battle Focus. Absolutely hilarious for Flrestorm Striking in a bunch of Hemlocks right where you need them.

Fly also means they can easily use a Charge action to bounce in and out to tie up vehicles as well or support the Spears buy blocking off any Fall Back routes. Adulthood is when you realize that the Joker makes more sense. Elfar would absolutely consider it if it was something like Heavy 6, Strength 5, – AP. Have a Quicken Warlock and maybe an Enhance Warlock buff them up, and use the free movement phase to Advance as far up the board as you can, using the regular movement phase to get yourself into position for a charge.

Just make sure you keep your range to survive your opponent’s reaction to this.

I’m curious about the quality probably shit.