Stream Roland Dyens: Libra Sonatine – Fuoco by Heike Matthiesen from desktop or your mobile device. Roland Dyens plays «Fuoco» (Libra Sonatine). #maestrosdelaguitarra # spanishguitar. Roland Dyens – Fuoco. Classical 5 years ago5y. Be the first to comment Roland Dyens – Fuoco. Classical 5 years ago5y. Be the first to comment.

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A heavy fuock band did a version of the third movement of his Libra Sonatine. He died on October 29, at the age of Fuoco is a great example of a song that needs to be metronomed all over anyway, but one could technically say that about every piece. As a performer, Dyens was known for improvisation.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Good thing is that it is only 4 notes. A video would help a lot. Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp.

Denis Sungho · Music · Roland Dyens – Fuoco

Roland Dyens October 19, — October 29, was dyehs French [1] classical guitaristcomposer, and arranger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s obviously not the easiest thing to do initially while still maintaining the flow of the piece. I think the biggest issue is the G right after the D -C slur and not playing it too soon. Then, I’m left struggling eyens this ‘sub.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Hence, when tried to do a search for tip, and this 4 years old thread popped up. Leave your index finger on the C without blocking the open strings, so that one finger is already there to play the next slur.

Board index All times are UTC. If you use the 3rd and first finger for the slur, the left-hand might need to pronate a little rotate counter-clockwisewhich can cause unwanted damping of the surrounding strings.


Here are a dyems that come immediately to mind.

He dyend that a journalist once told him he had the hands of a classical musician but the mind of a jazz musician.

Roland Dyens – Fuoco Page 2, sub.

Roland Dyens – Fuoco (Libra Sonatine) : classicalguitar

I had to practice that measure alot really slow and then busted out the metronome on it. Try using the fourth finger instead of the third, and pull-off to the first. I had trouble playing measure Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat If the slur itself is the problem, then perhaps a general slur study or, if you prefer to use the 1st -3rd finger slur, a slur scale would be better by the way, slur scales fail because they never work the 1st-4th finger slur, so maybe the 1st-4th finger slur is new for you.

Dyens was born in Tunisia and lived most of his life in Paris. The tricky part can be the gradual crescendo that builds intensity till the next section on the top of page 3. I think I just need to work the whole section slower, although it’s hard to do that since the piece is of course titled Fuoco!

Dyens released several volumes of arrangements that included not only the classical music of Fernando Sor but also the Brazilian music of Heitor Villa-Lobosjazz standards by Thelonious Monkthe French pop of Edith Piafand the Gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt. In conclusion, I should continue with my metronome to speed up. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to nail the “piano – sub. Classical Guitar Skip to content. Dyenss the best, Lare.

Classical Guitar

Great piece, but I find this to be the hardest section to play cleanly. Richard, Thanks for the tips.


Should one just work on the D – C slur for a while and then gradually add notes? In this case, the teaching fails if you want the 1st string to sustain through the harmony pedaled, for lack of fuodo better term. Sometimes he opened his concerts with an improvised piece, and he might improvise the program itself, without planning or announcing beforehand what he would be playing.

Do all guitarists strictly do the listed fingerings there? Retrieved 24 January Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. Retrieved 30 October Yes, get that slur to really sound good fuofo a little emphasis on that D to start the slur with index and pinky, then add the open g next.

How about the top of the next page, with the m i m i m strums listed on the top line? I would need more information to help further, but unless the D -C slur itself is poor, I would keep practicing ffuoco entire 4-note figure. The challenge is to lift the finger at a shallow angle so that the tone doesn’t suffer and the 1st string continues to ring dens the following notes.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thanks all above for the sharing. We traditionally teach descending slurs as a kind of left-hand rest stroke. He played Bach suites and he played with jazz musicians at the Arvika Festival in Sweden. Views Dhens Edit View history.