Torn Asunder: Critical Hits PFRPG Edition is an attempt to bring back into the game some of the blood and raw nerves realism that is martial com- bat. Chapter 1. Torn Asunder: Critical Hits (BAS) [Steven Creech, Kevin Ruesch] on of combat in D&D, but they’ve carried it one step further with the variant rules for. Quick Navigation D&D 3e/e/d20 Top. Site Areas; Settings · Private Messages · Subscriptions · Who’s Online · Search Forums · Forums Home.

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I like the abstraction in the d20 rule mechanics. Critical Wsunder and armour values for parts of the body is, for me, a step away from the abstraction I hold so dear. It snuggles nicely into the current combat system.

You can use it or drop it at will. I tend to play in a gritty fantasy game without magic healing.

This is the least supported d20 campaigning style. Torn Asunder has a system for character healing to complement the critical hits.

As noted above, qsunder are extra sets of armour, bits of armour and rules for working with the two. The book offers two prestige classes, some spells and even monster templates.

D&D D20 Pathfinder Dragon Wing Games Torn Asunder Critical Hits PFRPG Edition | eBay

In this system asundee look at that first role, the role that marks your strike as being special. Mild effects, the lowest level, tend to inflict an additional -1 or -2 to certain dice rolls. Moderate effects, the middle of three levels, will impose a fairly crippling game mechanic penalty.


Death by critical hit is either a merit or a flaw, some players and GMs will leap at the chance but others will shy away.

Torn Asunder: For That Friend Who Won’t Shut Up About Dark Souls

These criticals affect body locations. Initially the book offers up a single d20 body location chart; one that includes wings and tails.

There are too many weirdly shaped creatures. With these extra charts you can work out where a four legged creature or even a adunder creature like a naga might have taken the critical hit.

There are no modifications for size though. Ultimately critical hits will always come down to a GM being able to make a judgement call. The healing system is primarily designed to add some juice back to the heal skill in high fantasy games. The high fantasy theme continues as the trn addresses the role of shapechanging in healing.

Torn Asunder

If you can physically mould your flesh then it makes sense that you can do this azunder close wounds. Torn Asunder successfully addresses many common questions. It solves many common problems. A particular favourite here for me are the pages of herbs, plants and fungi that can be used to quicken and aid healing.


Some of the spells heal specific problems. Other spells are the sort of magic a healer will want to cast.

Torn Asunder: Critical Hits

Rescue teleports a prone ally to the casters side. There are two new prestige classes and an alternative core class. Chalk up another success. Thanks a lot guys! They will slow down your combat but not terribly so. Back in my school days I used to have fun with my regular gaming group, playing Warhammer FRP and ghoulishly effusing the details of yet another gory critical hit. Do kobolds have their hearts in the same place as gnolls? E-mail is already registered on the site.

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