This sexy but lackluster fantasy novel kicks off the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing, Author, Alessandra Balzer, Editor Volo $ (p) ISBN. The Daughters of the Moon book series by Lynne Ewing includes books Goddess of the Night, Into the Cold Fire, Night Shade (Daughters of the Moon, Book 3). The Daughters of the Moon Series () [Lynn Ewing] on *FREE* Back. Goddess of the Night (Daughters of the Moon 1) ยท Lynne Ewing.

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By meeting Jimena and Serena, she and her best friend Catty discover that they are more then just girls: Dec 17, Bryer rated it did not like it. Her best friend is Catty Turner, whom she has known since they were both children. Into the Cold Fire- i enjoyed learning more about serena’s life it gave you more information on the Daughters Of the Moon. A Follower, she was once madly in love with Stanton.

Then I found they were only 15, which was a little hard for me to shift gears. Jan 02, Mary Lee rated it really liked it. Daughter of the Moon and former member of an LA gang. In doing so, she destroys herself.

Daughters of the Moon, Volume 1 by Lynne Ewing

Swing didn’t know the Bev Center’s parkinglot is aboveground to prevent methane seepage and that the mall curled around a working oil rig. It was a fast read for me and the last book was my favorite And overall, the plots in each of the stories were far too predictable.

In book 13, he reunites moob Karyl to work for Catty’s father. Vanessa fights him and defeats him. As a Daughter of the Moon, she is able to expand her molecules and become invisible. If you’re looking for something more serious and darker, try something else.

Angered by her sister’s choice and Hector’s transformation, she asked Selene to live long enough to see the Atrox destroyed. I had a couple of issues with these stories: This is one series that I’m not excited about getting to the next book. They talk to this freaky hippy like lady and she tells them the are the ‘daughters of the moon’ and the have to fight danger. If it wasn’t really good, I don’t think I would of dauyhters it 5 stars unless I wanted to torture people by making them read this book since they think it is good and then they would find out it was bad and want to keep reading to see if there is a good part.


She also has a three dots on the webbing of her thumb from when she joined her gang. In places, that lack of editing became very distracting and confusing as there were empty pages and continuity errors. In The Sacrificehe becomes free as a Follower at last, but chooses to go back to the Atrox in order to save Serena.

They went back in time to kill Tianna, not aware that she was created by the Atrox. He met Maggie on her way to destroy the Atrox and helped her bind it to its shadow. Mar 09, Heatherblakely rated it liked it Shelves: This book was the most creepy of the three, because the bit with the Atrox erasing any memory Serena had that ths interfere with their plan was just creepy cool.

Moon Demon Maggie, the Daughters’ mentor, explains that Jimena’s ewnig was not of her death, but of the end of her time as a Daughter. As the series goes on, it is revealed that Jimena is actually a year older than her friends, so she is the forced to be the first to make the choice of losing her memories of what she is and her powers, or becoming a guardian spirit.

I find the whole series to be a little cheesy and stereotypical at times but hey, what am I honestly expecting? Jimena was once the toughest chola in East L. They seem like regular LA teenagers into boys, books, clothes but they all are about to embark on a life changing journey and face that they are very different in many other ways.


I was so ashamed of this book when I read it. The Talisman I’ve read books for this age-group that could keep my attention, and this one doesn’t. Kendra originally thought because of Catty’s power, that Catty was an alien so she adopted her as her own, to protect her. In book 4, she starts to date Toby, a Regulator, who wants the Secret Scroll destroyed but he endangers all of the girls, including Vanessa.

Her fate was thus sealed: Which is why I stuck through all three stories in this book. Originally, Vanessa was cautious about using her power, which caused her to have very poor control over it.

They have to fight the ancient evil Includes “Goddess of the night”, “Into the cold fire” and “Night Shade”: Catty accepts and gains new powers from her father and the Atrox, much to the shock of her friends but is revealed she is actually planning to destroy the Atrox from the inside.

Feb 07, Spring Holbrook rated it it was amazing Shelves: All is well when one strange thing happens, things start to mess up, then the main girl gets ready for battle and the main fight comes about with some twist, and in the end she meets with the guy they’re intrested in.


He fell in love with her in The Secret Scroll Book 4. It is amazing to see their different life styles. Jul 04, Jamie Flick rated it it was amazing.

Daughters of the Moon, Volume 1

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. I was so so wrong. Fortunately, he is ultimately killed in the end.