Find great deals for Datron DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter – Faulty. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Wavetek/Datron Multi-Product Calibrator .. The from Wavetek/Datron is a high performance, 8½ digit bench top multimeter. It can measure direct voltage. Datron repair. «on: January 26, , am». Hey. «Last Edit: February 02, , am by whatamidoing». Logged.

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P is the pathway for test For any functional or calibration errors not detected by the test operations, contact us for repair. Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. It is hoped that the capacitor replacement will cure the DCV Error as it did on the first meter.

The firmware version appears to be 3. It was bought by Vishay in early The FRAM board was read and then programmed. All errors were now gone and a fast looptest passed after 24 iterations. At least one positive lead is soldered to the pcb in through a pad but it is not usually shaped for the polarity square-vs-round.

Datron – DMM Meters

The and test both use the Ohms 10mA current source. Repair workflow, unit 2 This second unit actually happens to be the the first Datron acquired. A screw was also missing that held the connector in place.

After cleaning a large amount of flux residue from the surface of the board, it was reinstalled and retested. After capacitor replacement and reassembly meter throwing Error code No signs of burning though.


This colorful PCBA have all critical components for DC and datroon voltage reference modules, covered by black plastic covers. But thankfully, we got and able to share full datasheet for DCE2.

But if we get units in question repaired, we will be doing calibration in-house, using calibrated HP A and Fluke B DC voltage standard. Datron also have self-cal technology, with is targeted to 1218 with Autocal feature of HP A.

DATRON 1281 8.5 DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter

Many bodge wires, reworks, hanging components from bottom PCB side, cut traces show amazing lot of 1821 and service on these instruments even after they went on market. Datron photos CH amplifier. Fluke A have combined Guard terminal, switchable between passive or active mode. There used to be magnets to keep handles locked in place.

It was chosen to repair last repair due to the number of errors. Age — Very old instruments can suffer from age related failures caused by normal deterioration 12811 components and assemblies over time. The digital board is removed by taking out screws from the rear cover. Datron and lesser brother using interesting arrangement for primary power supply with two big toroidal transformers.

The showed a low noise source but the value was nowhere near specifications. After recording several different pathway readings dattron full and fast tests, it was was the only test that was failing. In no event shall the author, xDevs. Common Failures Misapplication of voltage or current — The can be damaged by sourcing high voltage into resistance or current functions. It can measure direct voltage and current, alternating voltage and current, and resistance.


It looked good with the input darton, however the OHM s readings were open.

Decision to make this article public was done to aid other owners of these precision multimeters from Datron. It was now measuring Fuse Tests Fuse is open circuit. Error was added after repairing Digital and DC assys. Datron Calibration and service manual, Volume 1 and 2, Issue 1, July Its voltage was measured at 3. Common rival for these system multimeters is well known HP A and Keithley Option 30 — Current Converter The Current assy dtron installed in the previous and a fast self-test was performed without errors.

If you willing to contribute or add your experience regarding test instruments repairs or provide extra information, you can do so following these simple instructions. Tested dtaron using different bit patterns, without any problems. Unit was received as advertised.

Testing Steps If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction. Keylock to enable calibration mode on this unit is damaged by previous owner, likely by attempts of using wrong key.

All credits with discussion and raw content, photographs and testing go to him. The lithium battery was not replaced.

Looking at the wires an interesting issue was found.