Nov 17, the end of the data sheet. 2 Applications. • Operates With Any 8-Bit µP Processors or as a. Stand-Alone Device. • Interface to Temp Sensors. Category. Description, 8-bit Digital-to-analog Converters. Company, National Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download DAC datasheet. Cross ref. DAC Datasheet PDF Download – (DAC – DAC) 8-BIT DIGITAL-TO- ANALOG CONVERTERS, DAC data sheet.

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Please refer to our reference section for details; 8. So the internal ADC suits for our system requirement. This is to ensure that the audio doesn’t have a glitch when there is a command packet received from the PC. The multimedia system allows the users to select preferred sampling frequency for compare and contrast purpose.

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However, with the limitation of hardware, we think that we have optimized our system performance for the best quality, and we feel really satisfactory on our result.

Also, we thought that this topic would be a good chance for us to combine our knowledge in various fields. Figure 6 shows the circuit of a analog-to-digital converter ADC Our project not only has the industrial potential but also is suitable for academic research.

The state machine determines what is going to do in the background thread. The sample code consists of a CWaveFile class.

(PDF) DAC0801 Datasheet download

The main thread is to initialize the program variables, to initialize the serial port, to create a background thread, and to handle the user command from the Java application.

In the part of daatasheet, since the dxc0801 contains so much high frequency audio signal, the sample rate of our project could not datashee those signals perfectly. Whenever the system receives a command packet from the PC which indicates to set the music volume, the function setMusicVolume is invoked to handle the rest of the packet payload.

Another dialog box will pop up to input the wave file to be sent, the user account and password of the sender of the email, the recipient email address, and the message content of the email. In our system, we have implemented 2 main effects to the voice signal: The UART Receive Complete Interrupt is enabled to allow the program jump to the interrupt service routine to receive the command packets. In the function processSignalthe following code is to get the voice signal from ADC, dac8001 the signal to a sample buffer and then start another conversion.


1988_National_Linear_Databook_Volume_1 1988 National Linear Databook Volume 1

The reason to use the amplifier circuit before the signals being propagated to the ADC chip is similar to the circuit of the pre-amplifier that we discussed before. This setting sets up the baud rate of The conversion will be started by setting pin 3 from 0 to 1. This slider is disabled when the system is on.

Whenever the system receives a command packet from the PC which indicates to set the voice volume, the function setVoiceVolume is invoked to handle the rest of the packet payload. Our final project is to design an intelligent multimedia system. At the same time, the user can change the setting and effects of the multimedia system without noticing the delay in command process. There were so some minor changes we made in the system architecture while we were working on this project.

Our system is an excellent Karoke system to help people sing better; 6. If the object has been acquired by another thread, it waits until the object is released form another thread. This design will not remove the data transfer bottleneck since the speed of serial port is high enough in our design, but it will make our project more compatible to all the PCs since USB is common interface nowadays. The console program configures the COM Port to run at a baud rate of Otherwise, we could not sample the two audio inputs at 8KHz concurrently.

A high frequency sine wave signal is added to the voice signal. Unfortunately, this prevents the program to process the audio data from the microcontroller; and therefore the background thread was created.


Thank you for your participation! Also, we could understand more about the analog circuit when we integrated all the hardware components. Once the Java application is launched, it creates a sub-process to execute the console program.

When the user wants to start this multimedia system, he should reset the MCU program first and then launch the PC software application. In our multimedia system, we implemented a Graphical User Interface written in Java running on the PC to control the whole embedded system. The overall design block of this system is shows as follows. The conversion rate is up to 15, samples at maximum per second.

The code is stored in the dxutil. Our system does not cause any real or perceived conflicts of interest to other parties; 3. Also, thanks to the emergence of the digital era, we have more tools that help us to achieve these goals. Therefore, we run out of memory for this feature.

The Java application on top of the console program is to provide graphical user interface for the multimedia system and the useful operations such as displaying the voice waveform, recording the voice in a wave file and sending an email attached with the wave file.

The background thread is to receive the incoming real-time digital audio data from the microcontroller via the serial port. Following the instructions on the datasheet of DAC, we connected the output analog signals to an operational amplifier Vatasheet circuit, and the signals is passed to the speaker that generate dulcet sounds in the final stage.

We have tested this setting by the following method: PC Graphical User Interface. Whenever the system receives a command packet from the PC which indicates daatsheet set the distortion effect with patient as the option, the function setDistortion is invoked to handle the rest of the packet payload.