The problem is is that I’m hopelessly in love with the d20 system and LOVE all the stuff that AEG put out for the rules for D20 L5R. I’m going to. (1) Oriental Adventures: Legend of the Five Rings, Rokugan Campaign Setting of the 5 Rings’ RPG system to the highly successful and popular ‘D20’ system. L5R D20 – Adv – Honor and , , KB. file, L5R D20 L5R D20 – Rokugan Campaign , , KB. file.

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DnDWiki:Rokugan | Dungeons and Dragons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I can’t give you specific information about the d20 books, but being a rokgan and game master of the Legend of the Five Rings, the system originally based in Rokugan, I can give you some advice. The same goes for the clanbooks, I was totally hooked.

The fluff can easily be rokugsn to work for any number of monastic traditions in whatever Asian setting you want, and it introduces martial arts feat chains, similar to the Style feats of Pathfinder 3 or 5 feat chains. Their founder was the Kami Togashi, who unlike his siblings remained alive in a vessal body for over years until he was killed by his brother Fu Leng on the second day of thunder. The clan colors are crimson and black.

They hunt game and eat red meat and have adopted a number of other customs that are considered taboo by the rest of the Clans. That said, I am an idiot, so I could be mistaken. The Ivory Kingdoms lie far to the west and south of Rokugan, past the Shadowlands.

IMO, the game is great. It has been the Crab clan’s duty to guard the wall for as far back as memory goes. Kenku are legendary swordsmen and are, at least in legend, responsible for training some of the most famous Rokugani swordsmen in history.


Their warriors are all battle hardened and experienced and most of them prefer to wield massive weapons such as the tetsubo two-handed war-club or the no-dachi two-handed sword. The Crab Clan, who must regularly fight in areas of the near Shadowlands, consume a huge proportion of the empire’s jade supply, as a piece of jade will absorb the corruption attempting to reach the one carrying it for a limited time before dissolving. Way of the Daimyo – An interesting book.


Their appearance is of a large crow standing upright, and whose wings can be flexed and used as arms. Thanks for describing each book for me. The New World, Part 9: It was considered an outlaw clan until the end of the Destroyer War when the Empress granted them Great Clan Status in what many Samurai perceived as a “deal with the darkness”. It’s easy to use and not too easy to break and gives hints on how to develop new feats and classes and spells in-game and in-universe.

Strictly speaking this is incorrect, but as the Emperor lays claim to all that is as a right of being the descendant of Amaterasu Lady Sun and Onnotangu Lord Moonthe courtiers of the Emerald Empire would see this as an appropriate use. The Chuda are now joining forces with the Horde of the Jikogou. Most of the population was wiped out during the Destroyer war as it was sacrificed to make the army that attacked Rokugan. Their duty is to guard the Carpenter Wall that separates the empire of Rokugan from the foul and tainted Shadowlands.

Most of them are a bit underpowered but they can be beefed up, and rokuan more of a Japanese feel to the martial arts instead of the very Chinese feel of the Pathfinder Styles. I think it captures the spirit of Chambara action flicks very nicely.

Nothing that any optimizer would choose, but flavorfully appropriate. Posted By Morrus Friday, rokhgan December, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Although they do not have a standing army, their navy is the most powerful in all of Rokugan. Because of this, they are often used—involuntarily more often than not—by the clans of Rokugan in their various mines. Originally Posted by SiuiS. The Dragonfly Clan was wiped out in a war between the Lion and the Dragon, rokguan has been reconstructed with the help of Toturi Sezaru, brother of the former Emperor.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The clan families are Bayushi, Shosuro, Soshi, and Yogo. The Kitsune Family, formerly the Tokugan clan, has an affinity with Kitsune and call upon them as allies and protect them from harm. The “why” is very important. Some feats and prestige classes to take advantage of the system.


The supplements in the Classic L5R are well written and non-gaming friends have read them straight through like roiugan. For me, the d20 system made the game playable and made it worthwhile even to consider it. If you don’t want your players getting involved in any sort of rulership position, this is a wasted book. Legend of the Five Rings Fictional countries in other worlds.

L5R classic vs. L5R d20

Some fun monk stuff, even if the shugenja stuff is a bit lackluster a few exceptions, like the class which triples the distance and limits of Teleport spellsand a few spells which are ok and flavorful, but not must-haves. Unless you’re willing to play fast and fokugan, that is.

In the end, the rules are only as important as the group makes them Seeing a kenku is rare, and getting one to take on a student is nearly impossible. Current Owner and Manager of Rampant Professionalism. The D20 sources books are gorgeous to look at, although I haven’t read them closely yet. Humans almost exclusively make up the population of rokugann clans, great and minor, as well as the other groups within Rokugan.

Heh, a few times players almost got whacked for adressing a touchy superior wrong.

The naga are an ancient race of creatures who appear half-human, half-serpent. However, rokuggan the fall of Fu Leng from the Heavens, the ogres were subjugated to his will, suffering extensive physical corruption and devolution, rokugna have since become the monsters they now are.

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