John Who? If you don’t know who John Franklin is, he’s the author of Cyclecraft, the guide to riding a bike on the road. That in itself is fine, as it. This is exactly what John Franklin has done with CycleCraft. The most notable is Effective Cycling by John Forester. Effective Cycling was. John Franklin. · Rating details · 58 ratings · 4 reviews. Provides a guide to safe cycling. This work contains practical advice on how to ride a bike confidently .

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I agree with pretty much all of that.

Cyclecraft: The Complete Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Cycling for Adults and Children

So having said that, these points are going to sound fairly niggley. It’s published in the UK. We can talk jjohn anecdotes, specific deadly incidents and particular types of collisions and near misses all we want, and we should try to ensure such accidents are even rarer. Be careful out there! In this edition the scope of the book was extended from its original remit — skilled cycling techniques for adults — to cover cyclists of all ages.

I agree totally cyflecraft Andrew, wonderful book. I have to assume that John Franklin is a selfish idiot.

Cyclecraft – Wikipedia

Fear plays a HUGE role in cycling accidents. A decent verge, centre jjohn, a good and unobstructed surface and a separate footway for pedestrians. This edition deals with United States and Canadian laws and cycling on the right side of the road.

Chapter 5 of this book is entitled Basic Cycling Skills.

The Alternative Department for Transport. Effective Cycling covers bicycling in very deep detail, and includes everything from bicycle history to bicycle construction and make-up, to road racing training and technique, to finally riding competently on the streets. Yes, but those cyclists are a self selecting population, they select their routes carefully, and so on and so forth. To those of you who would defend Franklin and his anti-infrastructure stance, answer me these questions: I sent a Letter Before Action with a suggested form of words for an apology — and he sent it to everyone on the original email list.

  GTS LPT100-05 PDF

Cycle paths or shared use paths make it safer for everyone right? A foul mouthed, anonymous diatribe about someone who has done more for cycling than the author could possibly hope to achieve.

What would JF be promoting if he were a young campaigner today? The CTC and others do great work in supporting that right when it is threatened. Damn right I would. PaperbackUK Editionpages. We need lower speed limits in residential areas and on country roads — as the Dutch have. Mark Williams on Turbogate: If I hadnt got my trusty hybrid bike and a folder 15 years ago to go to work, the shops etc. I have not cycled on a dual carriageway or rural A-road for a distance of more than a mile or so for about a decade, except when it has been too onerous to find an alternative route.

So despite all the evidence which proves that cycling infrastructure cyclecrzft both cycling rates and cycling safetyJohn Franklin really is saying that cycle-specific stuff is bad and dangerous, and everyone should ride on the road with those nice, safe lorries. April 28, at 4: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Cycling Digest Papers and reference.

Essential reading for anyone who cycles – or plans to cycle – in public places, whether you’re a beginner or road veteran. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have some problems with his arguments. Same applies to cycling. Even back in cyclecrart, his number-mangling was unscientific and misleading.


The idea is that you can produce a burst of speed lasting about seconds NOT that you should maintain that speed. Being sworn at or threatened is pretty much par-for-the-course when trying VC techniques, and not everyone wants to feanklin with having the C-word screamed at them on a frequent basis.

Until recently it was primary text for LAB program to teach or certify cycling instructors which offer Smart Cycling, see Keri above. Until then, cyclists can only really use the road. Notify me of new posts via email. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But even CTC jkhn starting to shift its position towards cycle paths, albeit in their own cyclecrwft, weird way.

Bicycles have always been vehicles, and people have always used them in a vehicular manner.


Finally I say keep cycling AND campaigning otherwise nothing will change. Here in New Zealand, driver licensing is closer to the US model really slack! So, in summary, proper Dutch segregation would be nice in the UK, but there are huge forces working against it which have nothing to do with cycling.

You dominate the lane, you flow with the cars and vans, and you are almost certainly a middle-class male aged There are dozens of instructors here, but there is no organization to support the administration for ongoing classes.

Cycling is objectively safe, but of course these statistical presentations fail to account for subjective safety and how big an influence it can have on whether people decide to use a bicycle as a mode of transport. Because they have no protection from collisions which are common.