CthulhuTech is a roleplaying game developed by WildFire LLC and published by Catalyst Game Labs (formerly published by Mongoose. Well folks, it’s been a long time coming. Welcome to the Cthulhutech review. For another exploration of the book and discussions of its quality. Enter a world rich and strange – even the cover art suggests this even before you read a word! But it’s stranger – and scarier – that you might.

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Please browse through our FAQ before posting. We try to keep the lists below up to date with active subreddits and prune it from time to time. The above image is licensed under GPL 2. What’s the general consensus on CthulhuTech?

So Pacific Rim Uprising is out I think?


CthulhuTech is pretty much the only one I know, What are the opinions on this one? If not is there a better mecha game? It’s a bit of an unbalanced mess, but if your players are familiar with struggling against overpowered enemies and losing sanity quickly I’d say it’s okay.

The multiple d10s system was interesting too. It’s edgy as hell in addition to being a bit of a mess mechanically. Mecha vs Kaiju might be exactly what you want if you’re okay with Fate Core games, Pacific Rim seems to have been its main inspiration.

I’m only partway through that first link, but it’s really good at summing up everything wrong with the system. I read all the books, and I’m not sure I could run the system as written even before you get into how messed up the setting is. I’m fine with a darker setting, but it’s just such a stupidly dark and hopeless setting. If the only thing that turns you off is the “edgy” content it’s pretty easy to not include that in a Pacific-RIm version.

Mecha V Kaiju is light, but there are a lot of nice things about mecha games that are a ctthulhutech crunchy on purpose “X has been disabled, so y is impossible, we’ve got to think up a new fthulhutech True on both counts.

I should probably have asked what level of crunch and types of mechanics OP might be interested in, come to think. I loved the setting and the way you could play completely different TYPES of games within cthulhutecb same system.

I never ran a game that was mech-focused. What I did play was fun as heck, but a real mess haha. We didn’t keep it going long just because of that.

I’ve played in 2 campaigns from it and had a blast, but I wouldn’t call it an amazing system. It has cthulhurech of pockets of really fun and interesting stuff in it, but it’s a bit wordy, and some of the lore is super fucking dumb and a bit rapey. Everyone here is complaining about the machanics, which are rpv bit granular, but no where near as bad as Shadow Run and similar games. My favourite thing about the system is actually the way the dice work.


It would probably be hard to understand from reading it, but rpv you have the hang of it it’s amazing! There’s real potential for unexpectedly massive rolls, which can be really fun.

The magic is also interesting enough to allow for some funny jury-rigging mid fight. I was in a Tager-centric campaign for three and a half years, and it was only good because the GM overhauled the rules. The poker cthulutech system is the swingiest system ever, and always results in your character landing an amazing hit or missing completely, and it also tends to slow combat down, as each player pauses to arrange their dice into the best combination available and ponder whether spending Drama Points will be worth the effort.


That said, the poker dice system is the only thing that makes combat interesting, since the vast majority of your options in combat equate to just rolling dice and dealing damage without, say, inflicting interesting status effects.

However, the lore is a lot better than most people give it credit for, although it might make a better HBO show than an RPG. The only bit of the lore I really didn’t like was the way they got rid of the dreamlands. Yeah, and old god ate it and we’re not going to expand on that at all.

It’s derivative as heck, but they do enough weird stuff with it to make it interesting. Mechanically the game is an ambitious mess and I’d recommend using a generic system for porting if you want the flavor but not the crunch.

If you do use the original cthulyutech, do not, I repeat do not cross the streams because they do not mix. One Tager can bulldoze most Investigator level challenges, and anything on the Mech cthuulhutech will squish a Cthu,hutech and ignore the Investigators because they can’t do jack.

Supplemental adventures are kind of rapey and rgp railroady as presented so they’ll need heavy tweaking unless you and your players are into trains. I’ve played two campaigns in it, and I actually really love the dice system. I think it’s probably kind of an acquired taste though, because one of my friends played for 6 months before he figured out the rolls.

There is even at least one monster that has not just one, but two “Save vs Rape” abilities. Female characters are also automatically impregnated, which is cthuljutech terminal condition. I’m not sure what is so awful about this. It is a horror game and this is a monster. Probably because many most? The true horror of the rape furries is that they feel straight out of the shitty rape fetish DM’s playbook.

The book they are featured in even has an adventure where the players are railroaded into a furry gang rape. Review of the supplement in question. But it is a horror game. It’s meant to have awful stuff in it. And by virtue of it being in a horror game, as a horrific creature’s ability, it is implicitly being condemned. Frankly I see more of a basis to criticize anything based on HPLs work than cthulhutehc criticize this one in particular. I did not read the review, as it felt very, very skewed.

I’ll have to read the supplement I guess. I’m condemning this particular bit of the game because it strips away the player’s right to consent to participating in the roleplaying of sexual violence and replaces it with a die roll. It’s crhulhutech game played among friends. You know what your players are ok with and if you don’tthat’s not the game’s fault. There’s hundreds of games with mechanics that enable non-consensual sex through a failed die roll and you’re blaming the one game that makes it an explicitly monstrous act?

I think there are some mechanics that are so bad that they taint the entire enterprise, cthulhutrch “save v. Rape” is one of them. I naturally went and grabbed a copy of it for a couple chuckles. The disclaimers about how it’s “super historically accurate, and we’re just trying to recreate historical accuracy, I swear we’re not a bunch cthuluutech horribly fucked up misogynists, really, women are just sluts, that’s not our fault”, are kinda funny to parse out what they’re trying to not say, and couching in as much nice verbage as they can, and still fucking failing at.

But I got to the part about ‘slut’ iirc modifying vaginal depth and just gave up. It’s seriously all depressing. Those posts make it sound a lot more interesting than it actually is; it’s all just so It’s got all those edgy elements, like the slut vaginal depth thing, but it doesn’t do anything with them, doesn’t use them to say anything, doesn’t try and transgress or make the reader think about them. It’s like yelling “CUNT” in an empty room. Yes, you said a rude word. It can’t even claim “so bad it’s good” status stuff like Synnibar or Brontosaurus Rex where you can see why people might want to play it or “it’s a trainwreck, but it’s an interesting trainwreck” like Black Tokyo.


It’s a boring mess mechanically. When you get over the rape, it’s DnD with the serial numbers filed off. The setting is dull when it’s not derivative or being all biotruths. Everybody needs to play one game of it though. Straight as the author intended. Everybody needs that benchmark experience to judge all other RPG experiences over.

What’s the general consensus on CthulhuTech? : rpg

My players back in the day wanted to try it as a joke. We were young and foolish and thought it’d be great night of mocking and toilet humor. Playing it as a joke is just a bad idea because it’s so fucking tedious. What a lot of reviews don’t tell you is that the Character creation is 3 hellish chapters that involve tons of crunching and “screw you” rolls.

It sucks the joy out cthulhytech you, and that’s not even getting to the “lose faith in humanity” bits.

Also, the combat ends up being super deadly and rape-filled. Your characters will die like flies. We got as far as one encounter GMed by a pretty childish melost a lot of the party, and decided we couldn’t cthulhuteh to go through character creation again.

If you’re going to run a game of FATAL ala bad movie night, you gotta use the character generator to make it easier because nobody needs to experience the mathematical nightmare of making a FATAL character more than once.

Battletech if you’re looking for a tabletop wargame rather than an RPG system. I played in a game at gencon and thought it was pretty fun. Really neat ideas for the game world, but I’d have to play it way more to be able to critique the system.

Vesna Thaw is a fun one shot game about mechs in a post apocalypse. CthulhuTech is a lot of pretty art, random setting ideas some good, some notand generally unplayable since for one the designers never bothered to describe what a game would actually look like in such an expansive world with really disparate character types. If you don’t like horrific worlds you probably don’t want anything Cthulhu, so that will determine how much you should cthullhutech to the feelings of others talking about the setting.

The dice system is sort of rough since the poker dice means it is hard to balance things. The void, is a RPG that is set in the same setting, but a few years before the cthun star arrives in the solar system. The setting for the void is more investigative, and essentially Call of Cthulhu in space, so there isnt any mechas there sadly. I’m working on a PbtA game with some similar setting concepts that might interest you, here’s the short pitch:.

This Scarred Earth is an apocalyptic sci-fi game of action, horror, and kingdom building. The PCs play the leaders and cthulhutecb pilots of a small human enclave in a future Earth overrun by horrors from beyond reality. Your task is to cooperatively improve your Enclave, push your personal agenda, and pilot your Mechs into battle against threats both human cthulhjtech otherwise.