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The course is aimed at providing the basic knowledge necessary to understand the nature of chemical bonds, to predict molecular structures, and to use the laws that govern chemical reactions.

Actually, as explained by Coulson [3]: PV diagrams of water and carbon dioxide. Salta alla navigazione Strumenti personali. Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Basic description of matter, chemical bond, molecular structure, chemical reactivity of elements and compounds. Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Peloso, Problemi di Chimica Generale.

The final examination is designed to assess the degree of achievement of the main teaching objectives: He knows how to balance a chemical equation and can read the quantitative ratios ina reaction. Learning assessment procedures -The purpose of the examination is to verify the level of knowledge on the different subjects treated during the course and evaluate the ability to apply this knowledge to the description and prediction of the chemical properties of the matter and of the different compounds.


Elements of inorganic chemistry. Planetary atomic model and atomic spectra.

Mirone, La Chimica nella Scuola22 Periodic properties of the elements. Chemical Principles 5th Edition W.


Activchemistry TM software; CAChe Visualizer for Education, a tool for visualizing molicules and their properties; an interactive periodic table; a database of kottz compunds; a plotting tool; lotz a molecular weight and molarity calculator. My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. Equilibria in homogeneous systems.

The class of “General and Inorganic Chemistry” is designed so that it can be fruitfully attended also by those who have no prior knowledge of chemistry. Oxtoby, Nachtrieb, Freeman, Chimica Electronic structure of the atoms. In the second part students are asked to solve some exercises, mainly concerning the prediction of electronic and structural properties of the molecules, stoichiometry, and chemical thermodynamics.

Malatesta, Chimica generale Overview of valence bond and genrrale orbital theories. The components of the atoms. Empirical and molecular formulas. Absolute atomic or molecular masses.

Read wed/libro-di-chimica-generale-kotz

In this way a chance was missed for making clearer a main concept and for dispelling a misconception that has persisted for nearly fifty years in the teaching of general chemistry. La chimica della vita: After the lectures the Student has gained basic chemistry knowledges about the composition, structure, properties and modifactions of matter.


Course Timetable from Oct 03, to Jan 10, Atom and subatomic particles.

Frontal lectures 48 hours Additional notes about suggested cuimica Mortimer, Introduzione alla chimica Teaching is of conventional type, with oral presentation, supported by writing on the board, electronic board or using overhead projections. La chimica dei materiali moderni ; Assessment methods The final written exam consists of numerical exrcises and questions on the main topics of the course.

At about the same time, a paper by Wang generrale Schwarz [9] showed that the unobservable character of orbitals does not preclude the observation of charge distribution differences simulating their shapes. Of course, the process of taming could not avoid some serious distortion of the concept.