CHAUVIN ARNOUX E3N CLAMP ADAPTER | Adapter – This product is available in Transfer Multisort Elektronik. Check out our wide range of products. Buy CHAUVIN ARNOUX PA online at Newark element Buy your PA from an authorized CHAUVIN ARNOUX distributor. PA from CHAUVIN ARNOUX >> Specification: Current Probe, BNC Plug, Current Clamp, A, 50 mA, Chauvin Arnoux Oscilloscopes, E3N.

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Scopix IV oscilloscope ideal for work in the field or in the lab, MHz, equipped chavin all the analytical modes: Practical for all measurements in total safety, it is equipped with 4 channels isolated from one another and from the earthV CAT III safety and Probix accessories. The E N Series is a range of Hall-effect clamps for measuring direct and alternating currents.

The long, narrow shape of these clamps makes them ideal for measuring in cable strands, in confined spaces such as switchboards and in the electrical circuits of automotive vehicles.


The output signal is directly proportional in form and amplitude to the DC and AC components of the current measured.

When used with an oscilloscope, this isolated current sensor has 2 sensitivities and allows viewing of currents with a bandwidth of up to kHz and peak currents up to A DC or peak.

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Chauvin Arnoux P01120043A Current Probe & Clamp

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Chauvin Arnoux E3N E series P | KWx

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Search for a product. Technical datasheet References Description The E N Series is a range of Hall-effect atnoux for measuring direct and alternating currents. Main features of the E3N model: Mains adapter E Clamp P Add to my selection.

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