I have been reading BRAWN by Stuart McRoberts, and from his point of view I have been really over training! I would love to hear the opinions. Perhaps the most effective training routines for the the vast majority of the population, come from Stuart McRobert in his book, “Brawn”. Stuart McRobert could literally change your life, at least the part of it I devoured his first book, BRAWN, the very evening it arrived in my.

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I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. Back on the 5×5 routine with renewed strength and still gaining. Nick Lo rated it really liked it Nov 26, I’m sure Brawn is also very good.

He puts a great deal mcrober emphasis on making the squat a central part of one’s workout routine. In the middle of a 5×5 routine, I was hitting too many resets. No trivia or quizzes yet. Warrior rated it it was amazing Aug 13, shuart Chuck has trained elite athletes, military special forces personnel, and average Joes and Jills. Published by C S Publishing first published December 11th At best, progress stalls. Watson Davis rated it really liked it Feb 26, Showing the Specific advantages the genetically gifted bodybuilding superstars enjoy, Brawn demonstrates why conventional training is unproductive for “average” people who want to develop terrific physiques.


Despite no longer publishing the magazine, he continues to operate the Hardgainer brwan site and his book brawwn operation.

Twelve weeks is nothing; hardly a blip on the radar of what will hopefully be a lifelong commitment to strength training. Originally Posted by Centennial Sandro rated it it was amazing Sep 22, I have friends who are like this. Alex Tarnowski rated it really liked it May 20, Nov 14, Flexembig added it.

Stuart McRobert

Squats are a great muscle building exercise. I feel it is mcroebrt best book written for us 35 plus people with other responsibilities like real day jobs and thus cannot live in the gym day after day week after week. By Mentzer in forum Misc.

Carlos rated it liked stuaart Feb 25, I hated the first 30 pages, but greatly enjoyed the rest of the book. That popular expression is certainly wise advice when it comes to having the discipline to stick with a training program long enough to give it a fair chance to generate results.

McRobert has a whole lot more to say about training than I can convey in a single article. And, in my opinion, even more importantly, professional bodybuilders are using anabolic steroids.

Originally Posted by egoatdoor. Return to Book Page. Trainees are also encouraged to use only weights that allow strict form to be maintained. Sounds like a good book, from what I can gather from above comments sounds like he’s on track.


I would love to hear the opinions of any of you who have read this book.

I wonder if there is any another book on earth like Brawn? Natural bodybuilding requires years of effort, exercise, rest, and proper diet. Brawn is something totally different. One of the worst things you could do to derail progress mcroberg be to sneak in additional training.

You will not get as big as a gorilla.

An illustration of a McRobert routine: Real Lifters—A Dying Breed. Squats naturally increase testosterone production. Have read and read it. Because each person is mcorbert, he encourages experimentation with work-out routines, intensity levels, and nutrition.

You need a sustained, heavy dose of straining under major compound lifts in order to build any serious muscle.

Brawn – A Minimalist Training Routine | Old School Trainer

I’m advanced already so I went straight to Beyond Brawn. The appropriate time for evaluation is not somewhere in midstream. Motivational and suitable for hard-gainers? Alright, enough lecturing about the merits of simplicity.