The Boipatong Massacre (pictured throughout) was an incident involving a mass attack by armed men who lived in the Inkatha Freedom. ‘Violence spiral’ led to Boipatong massacre. VANDERBIJLPARK — The growing spiral of violence in the Vaal Triangle that led to the Boipatong massacre in. The Boipatong massacre revisited. SAIRR Website Comment 30 November . The credibility of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

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On November 28he boipating his physical death — slowly, painfully and isolated — at Leratong Hospital in Kagiso. N’Golo Kante is growing into his more advanced midfield role with a composed finish that gave Chelsea a victory over Crystal Palace. The court that convicted IFP supporters of murder found them guilty after more than Boipatong residents and five State witnesses testified and not one said they saw the police assisting the suspects.

The ANC jassacre never accepted that, believing a covert war was being waged against it, and a lot of international coverage suggested the same. He said SDU members shot at the group when it approached Boipatong and they returned the fire. To search the O’Malley archive please click here.

Boipatong means “the place of hiding” in the Sesotho language.

Boipatong – Wikipedia

A dark but important moment came inwhen apartheid assassin Ferdi Barnard revealed to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC that hit men had indeed given guns to hostel dwellers to carry out a masssacre of massacres across the Reef. As it was, a TRC interim report had also found that the police and KwaMadala residents had planned and carried out the killings in Boipatong.

Angry letters had passed boipatonb De Klerk and Nelson Mandela, with Mandela demanding an international commission of inquiry. His first big break came with the now-defunct Politically Black inthe nation’s first Black political news portal.


A lot of Boipatong residents suffer from respiratory illnesses as a result of the pollution and there has been no major visible infrastructural development since the massacre. One day inhe just shut down.

Want to publish your media releases here? Retrieved from ” https: A scratch, or perhaps a burn mark about a centimetre long, is what gave Mxoliseni Mkhize away. In a few years, he would develop gangrene in his left foot and gradually lose his eyesight.

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Kingdom of Mapungubwe c. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC concluded in that the police were in fact involved in the raid, but the TRC’s Amnesty Committee found in that the police were not involved after all.

Hundreds of IFP supporters had gathered again in daylight, armed with spears, shields, pangas and axes. Locals said they’ve been prohibited from visiting the memorial site as contractors are denying people access, claiming they haven’t been paid for work done. Many Zulus left the hostel after the massacre, fearing a violent attack by Boipatong residents.

It will be fully operational from Monday, and entrance to the museum is free. Just after the massacre, my father, Lebole Dibetle, who had been in the police force sincewas sent to Boipatong as part of a police peacekeeping mission. Inthe TRC’s Boipatong finding was widely broadcast. The numbers were not as high as it had hoped, but the talks were already in deadlock, with the ANC compelled to put its energy back into mass action.

By contrast, this was corroborated by just one problematic applicant — Andries Nosenga — whose patchy evidence was dismissed unconditionally by the committee. This construction of this memorial project created a number of jobs and provided skills training to members of the community.


The Boipatong massacre revisited – The O’Malley Archives

December 20 to January 3. Most harrowing of all were the stories of how people heard their loved ones being murdered, some of them hacked to death inside their houses and shacks. Police fire on protesters in Boipatong after the massacre.

He was reported to have suffered a lot of trauma. Upon his return from the Boipatong mission, my father was a changed man. A serious and dedicated policeman, he later told the family he wished he had not been part of the mission — or even a policeman at all. Some of the assignments that had haunted him included patrolling the Namibian and Mozambican borders in the s and riot policing in Alexandra township in the s, where he had shot at people and did not know whether they had survived or died.

We will not forget what Mr. They had long been enemies of the white troops, but the people of Boipatong were forced to take shelter behind them.

In an interview with journalist Rian Malan in OctoberSergeant Gerhardus “Pedro” Peens, who claimed not to have been in Boipatong at the time of the massacre, boipatpng to being in Boipatong investigating a murder, boipatog a Casspirbut claimed that he had left prior to the massacre.

Joao Silva 14 photos Boipatong Massacre in Pictures. He said the attacker was neither particularly dark nor light-skinned and of medium height and build. Outside, there were police roadblocks and police guards.