In “Architecture and Disjunction,” a collection of essays, Bernard Tschumi, the dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and. Available in: Paperback. Avant-garde theorist and architect Bernard Tschumi is equally well known for his writing and his practice. Architecture. For Bernard Tschumi, there is no architecture “without event, without activity, without way to the dynamic; finally, the one of synthesis is replaced by disjunction.

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This will not happen by imitating the past and eighteenth century ornaments. The essays develop different themes in contemporary theory as they relate to the actual making of architecture, attempting to realign the discipline with a new world culture characterized by both discontinuity and heterogeneity.

Johnathon Evans rated it really liked it Dec 12, Abstract Mediation and Strategy. Cities like New York, despite — or maybe because of — its homeless and two thousand murders a year become the post-industrial equivalent of Georg Simmel’s preindustrial grosstadt that so fascinated and horrified Benjamin.

Tschumi’s discourse has always been considered radical and disturbing. He argues for focusing on our immediate cultural situation, which is distinguished by a new postindustrial “unhomeliness” reflected in the ad hoc erection of buildings with multipurpose programs.

Bernard Tschumi

View all 6 comments. Erecting a barricade function in a Paris street form is not quite equivalent to being a flaneur function in that same street form.


Over fifty years after the publication of Benjamin’s text, we may have to say that shock is still all we have left to communicate in a time of generalized information. Preview — Architecture and Disjunction by Bernard Tschumi. Yet if I was to examine both my own work of this time and that of my colleagues, I would say that both grew out of a critique of architecture, of the nature of architecture.

Trivia About Architecture and Speculative Everything Anthony Dunne.

After all, what would happen to insurance premiums and to reputations if the building collapsed? Jillian rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Theoretical architects — as they were called — wanted to confront the binary oppostions of traditional architecture: Tscchumi books in this series. Sep 15, Leonardo marked it as to-keep-reference Shelves: Paperbackpages.

Architecture and Disjunction

Architecture and Disjunction, which brings together Tschumi’s essays from tois a lucid and provocative analysis of many of the key issues that have engaged architectural discourse over the past two decades-from deconstructive theory to recent concerns with the notions of event and program.

Brian rated it really liked it Jan 01, No more masterplans, no more locating in a fixed place, but a new heterotopia. He argues for focusing on our immediate cultural situation, which is distinguished by a new postindustrial “unhomeliness” reflected in the ad hoc erection of buildings with multipurpose program s. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Architecture and Disjunction by Bernard Tschumi

You may think I’m being facetious, but in today’s world where railway stations become museums and churches become arcitecture, a point is being made: If the design of windows only reflects the superficiality of the skin’s decoration, we might very well start to look for a way to do without windows. Architectural theory can get hung up on form and function, the purpose of ornamentation or the other things that are more enjoyable than just the utility of good building design Their confrontations and combinations of elements may provide us with the event, the shock, that I hope will make the architecture of our cities a turning point in culture and society.


As years went by, the multiple interpretations that multiple architects gave to deconstruction became more multiple than deconstruction’s theory of multiple readings could ever have hoped.

Experiencing Architecture Steen Eiler Rasmussen. Help Center Find new research papers in: Sheetrock columns that do bernar touch the ground are not structural, they are ornament. Regardless of whether they are the result of chance combinations, or are due to the pressure of ever-rising land prices, such non-causal relationships between form and function, or space and action go beyond poetic confrontations of unlikely bedfellows.

Taylor Limited preview – Contents The Architectural Paradox.