Mario Bellatin’s Salon de belleza centers on the production of space, rather than on the existence of things and persons occupying or moving. Mario Bellatin’s Salón de belleza centers on the production of space, rather than on the existence of things and persons occupying or moving through an already. In Bellatin’s Salón de belleza aquariums filled with exotic fish function as Salón de belleza by Mexican-Peruvian author Mario Bellatin was first published in.

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This focus on production underlines the social and political nature of space. As recent bellfza by cultural geographers suggests, space is a condensation of the acts that comprise it.


As such, it exists for certain persons and certain activities and can facilitate or hinder action. In the case of Salon de bellezathe acts that can constitute space are ultimately limited to one sole act, to dying. I argue that the hyper-allegorization in the novel causes the reader to experience the creation of an analogous deathly space that seems to restrict or compromise interpretative life.

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Salón De Belleza by Mario Bellatin (1 star ratings)

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