dbx is a tool for source-level debugging and execution of programs. It allows you to determine the exact statement that caused a core dump, or to monitor the. A Short User Manual for dbx. “dbx” is the name of the debugger that is available for use on many Unix systems. This document is intended to list the most. There is a fancier X-windows interface for AIX, invoked with the command xde, The dbx debugger is able to track the execution of your program line-by-line in the first at the file containing the main program and is waiting for instructions.

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The directory the source file was located in when it manuaal compiled. The numbering of the stack frames starts from the currently active function stack frame the function frame that is currently active is always numbered 0. See the condition subcommand, mutex subcommand, print subcommand, and thread subcommand for the dbx command.

The dbx debugger

Display the names and values of variables in a procedure edit subcommand for dbx: Displays the full qualifications of all the symbols whose names match the specified identifier. Use this subcommand if a symbol needs to be interpreted in a way not consistent with the current language.

The Name parameter is the alias being created. Maual limitbp subcommand instructs the dbx command to stop running the debug program only when the breakpoint is mnual a specified number of times. Indicates whether the thread can be joined or not.


The default value is Sets a thread-level hardware watchpoint trace. The default for the Count parameter is one. By default, dbx saves the text of the last commands entered. Also, since the existence of an active software watchpoint created by some invocations of the stop and trace subcommands negate the performance gains of hardware watchpoints, these types of events also act as conflicts which must be deleted before creating a hardware watchpoint.

Specifies the raw output mode, which consists of a single unformatted line for each module containing the following space-separated fields: If you use the -p flag when attaching to a process, the debug information is read from the substituted path files.

dbx — Use the debugger

Otherwise, the debug program is entered and the reason for termination is reported. This can be runwaitsuspor termfor running, waiting, suspended, or terminated.

The Number parameter specifies the number of times the tstepi subcommand runs. The newpath variable specifies what it is to be replaced with. Specify the number of lines to be executed with the Number parameter. Indicates the lock state of the mutex: Run a program set subcommand for dbx: The Number parameter specifies the number of times the next subcommand runs.

A qualified name consists of a dot-separated list of the outer blocks with which the value is associated. The following aliases specify the conditions automatically:. Specifies the normal output mode, which consists of the entry number, module name, member name, text origin, text length, data origin, data length, and file descriptor for each loaded module.


Displays information about all rwlocks whose status is in read mode.

Use the -g generate symbol table flag when compiling your program to produce the information the dbx command needs. See the list subcommand and the set subcommand.

A full list of dbx commands

Specifies the procedure to use to find the procedure or variable being traced. Changes the current function to the function corresponding to the specified stack frame number.

Prints a long word in octal. Stops the dbx debug program.

Use the addcmd subcommand to add dbx subcommands to the specified event number and the delcmd subcommand to delete the associated dbx subcommands manaul the specified event number. The information displayed by the thread subcommand in the first format is as follows:. The screen subcommand can also be unsuccessful in the following situations:.

Causes the dbx command to skip the validity checking of the core file.