advanced badminton techniques by butch oreta. 7 likes. Book. While conventional wisdom in badminton says the best backhand is no backhand , clear, former Philippine team coach Butch Oreta used the karate chop and backfist metaphor in his book “Advanced Badminton Techniques. Add to the cart this book, too – Advanced Badminton Techniques. Maybe reading this book by Butch Oreta will probably improve your game.

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If I had disliked the book, I would have written a dismissive review rather than criticised it in detail. But it will take some practice, hard work, dedication, drive, and years if not lifetimes of experience. Before this, as you mentioned, I was just doing a purely swiping motion to avoid the net–but the result was, a weak return. It mentions the common faults and how to avoid them and it gives great tips throughout the book.

It distinguishes two basic versions of the backhand and forehand grips: Advanced Badminton Techniques “Whether you’re a beginner or the best, your bible to better badminton” By Butch Oreta and Vip Malixi Unlike in golf and tennis when being a teaching professional can be a lucrative profession, for badminton, the sport is not yet popular enough to support and sustain dedicated teachers of the sport.

Badminton Book: Advanced Badminton Techniques

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Review: Vip Malixi and Butch Oreta’s book

The idea of bucth a “forward then retreat” motion in the brush net kill, rather than a purely sideways motion, is helpful. For this reason, I would recommend the e-book version over the print version. You write that the brush net kill is without push action because this would make you hit the net.

I have already mentioned the silly “passed body” forehand grip. GMT advanced badminton techniques pdf – This page on advanced badminton techniques is for you. Advanced Badminton Techniques is written by a, err, well, a veteran of the game.

Posted by Kenneth Ragpala at 7: For comparison, I have two other badminton books: He has also refrained from propaganda-style testimonials, and instead has posted critical comments from readers as well as positive ones. Add to the cart this book, too — Advanced Badminton Techniques.

When trying to adfanced a net hugging drop by your opponent, Butch explained the push-swipe technique which I found very effective. It teaches the secret stamina techniques employed by world-class players so that you’re almost never tired no matter how many smashes you pound throughout the match. The “Gollum Flamingo of Awe Award”!

Smash : badminton for everyone

Please enter the message. This means that a single stroke spans many pages with lots of near-repetition; but in my view, the repetition is worthwhile because it allows players to consider the same idea from different perspectives. The preparation for returning serve in doubles suggests that you cock your wrist back. This section also incorrectly recommends a “standard” backhand grip for defence.


Digital; purchase of the digital version of Advanced Badminton Techniques by Butch Oreta and Vip Malixi which is password-protected, copy disabled receive the full-color Acrobat PDF version of the book which includes the latest updates, plus the articles, “Badminton Vadminton Tactics”, “Deception at the Net net drop, crosscourt net drop, drive to the back “, “FAQ and Solutions better defense, butcn english, scramble, etc.

Yiwen Zhai skills on badminton footwork, net shots, drive shots, clear shots, Forehand and backhand of each should be practiced.

Is this suggesting a longer stroke motion? I agree that a purely sideways motion is not effective because, as you say, it is hard to get any power. Tactics The tactics section is confused: This can only lead to a raising of the skill level of the game, the increased popularity of the sport, and more enjoyment by its participants.

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