J. Frank Adams, the founder of stable homotopy theory, gave a lecture series at the and complex cobordism, and stable homotopy and generalized homology. Stable homotopy and generalized homology. Front Cover. John Frank Adams. University of Chicago Press, – Mathematics – pages. Stable homotopy and generalised homology / J.F. Adam. Article with 37 John Frank Adams. Abstract Transfer in generalized sheaf cohomology. Article.

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Stable Homotopy and Generalised Homology – J. F. Adams, John Frank Adams – Google Books

Hochschild cohomologycyclic cohomology. Hodge theoryHodge theorem.

Consists of three lectures, each meant to be readable on their own, and there is overlap in topics. Also notice that on p.

Mike HopkinsComplex oriented cohomology znd and the language of stacks Jacob LurieChromatic Homotopy Theory See at Adams spectral sequences — As derived descent.


There is much to love in his book, but not in the foundational part on CW spectra. Peter MayMO comment.


What Adams tries to construct here — the localization of homo,ogy stable homotopy category at the class of E E -equivalences — was later constructed by Bousfield See at Bousfield localization of spectra. The Conner-Floyd Chern classes 5. The Novikov operations 6.

The algebra of all operations 7. Examples from algebraic topology 3.

Calculations in E E -homology and cohomology 5. Aeams calculations in E E -cohomology 7. Behaviour of the Bott map The Hattori-Stong theorem The Brown-Peterson spectrum Elementary properties of the category of CW-spectra 4.

Homology and cohomology 7.

The Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence 8. The inverse limit and aeams derived functors 9. Duality in manifolds Applications in K-theory The Steenrod algebra and its dual A universal coefficient theorem A category of fractions The Adams spectral sequence