Bu blog yazısını adım adım takip ederek kanuna göre nasıl log Tagged with: , kanunu uygun log tutma, pfsense. pfSense Kanuna Uygun Log İmzalama Tagged with: , kanunu uygun log tutma, pfsense, openssl ile log imzalamak. Censorship in Turkey is regulated by domestic and international legislation, the latter (in theory) .. had also allowed TİB to block websites “for national security, the restoration of public order, and Jump up to: “OLAĞANÜSTÜ HAL KAPSAMINDA BAZI DÜZENLEMELER YAPILMASI HAKKINDA KANUN HÜKMÜNDE.

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The Turkish Republic was founded in after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and it has since adopted a Western-oriented and secular strategy as the main pillars of social policy. Although the Gezi uprising was the fiercest environmental struggle to date, discontent and anxiety over the government’s policies constituted the backdrop.

Internet blocking in the country accelerated after the Gezi events. Social manun venues like Twitter had proven to be effective in organising demonstrations and disseminating news about the events. Explicit recordings of corruption transactions were broadcast online. As a result, four cabinet ministers had to resign. During that period, the partial blackout of the mass media, directly or indirectly controlled by the government — sometimes through lucrative bids or unexpected tax fines, was mainly bypassed via Twitter.

Hence, the perception of the increased importance of the internet became a leading factor in the acceleration of internet censorship in Turkey. This article attempts to give an account of internet censorship in Turkey. Due to the fact that censorship in the country became more intense and technically more sophisticated in the last few years, we mainly focus on the s.

This article also compares the motivations and methods of other countries’ censorship practices, such as those in place in Iran and China.

Hence, the word is closely associated with inspection and auditing. In today’s world, censorship is one of the most commonly used concepts in political and social science. Censorship can take many forms such as political censorship, which aims to prevent dissemination of political and social news or, military censorship, which is usually implemented during war or under martial law.

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This imposition may either stem from avoiding a possible harm from authorities or assuring the continuation of some form of benefit. While in the last century censorship was often implemented in print or electronic mass media, the ubiquity of the internet in the last few years resulted in the widespread implementation of internet censorship in many countries.

Censorship is usually regarded as an indicator of the position of a country in the authoritarian-democratic continuum and it applies to all sorts of media where news and ideas can be disseminated. This kind of censorship may either be practiced by corporate mass media Herman and Chomsky, or the state ACLU, However, the Snowden revelations showed that surveillance intensifies the problem of censorship, particularly in Western countries, to the extent that self-censorship among US writers has increased after the revelations PEN America, The censored sites ranged from child and adult pornography websites to commonly used platforms such as YouTube, Blogger or Alibaba.

Beforesporadic censorship of websites did take place, the first well known one being yolsuzluk. Then came the banning of websites related to music files due to complaints by the Turkish Phonographic Industry Society. Turkey joined the internet in April The proposal included everything involving online communications. This caused widespread uproar. Upon protests from the public, the amendment was softened and later returned by then President Ahmet Necdet Sezer formerly head he of Constitutional Court, nominated by all parties to the parliament for revision.


Yet, the government insisted and the law was enacted. That was the first law specific to the intenret passed by parliament.

The main philosophy of the code was to increase the penalties by half, whenever the internet was involved in the commitment of a crime; which was already the rule for the press. Ina new penal code was passed, this time including additional provisions on the internet and computer crime. The Penal Procedural Code was consequently renewed but, it did not include any provisions regulating rights and responsibilities of internet actors; mainly internet service providers ISP.

The commission started working in early This could be interpreted as Turkey’s attempt to comply with the Cybercrime Convention. The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime is the first international treaty dealing with internet and computer crime. It was prepared by the Council of Europe, opened to signature in and came into effect in Convention on Cybercrime, Turkey participated in the preparation of the Cybercrime Convention but chose not to sign it.

It was then opened for comments and contributions and sent to government institutions, with responses collected via official letters. Comments from public institutions and other parties were compiled, and were taken into account. The Justice Ministry Committee evaluated and decided by itself without any public participation.

In the fall ofchild abuse and child pornography cases flooded the media. It serviced most of the child abuse and child pornography cases that were already available in printed form. The internet pornography issue took such proportions in the media that it looked as if child pornography was one of the most important problems in Turkey. This came across as an orchestrated effort to pass the Internet Censorship Law.

Yet, in their assessment of the situation, the Ministers of Interior and of Transportation differed on the magnitude of child pornography in Turkey Aydilek, The Prime Minister asked the Minister of Transportation — rather than the Minister of Justice — to resolve the declared paramount child pornography problem that apparently aimed to introduce broad measures of censorship in Turkey.

Internet and communication technology related NGOs tried to alert the public, opposition parties, the media and internet users against the intended censorship of the internet. During deliberations of the Justice Committee in parliament, this draft was softened to some extent.

The initial draft was more drastic and would have covered all communication media with the aim to monitor, filter and curtail chat and similar services.

The draft listed a catalogue of six crimes as defined by the Turkish Penal Code to be banned either by the BTK or by penal courts.

In parliament, the Justice Committee mainly made two additions: The Justice Committee version passed in parliament upon a minute deliberation with no major opposition on 4 May Law No one talked about the danger of censorship, nor defended freedom of expression, nor again claimed the unconstitutionality of the passed law.

Child pornography cases created such an atmosphere that no 561 could have adopted a position without the danger of being seen as promoting it. Kaanun 4 Maythe Law No. Passing the required secondary regulations took another six months and by the end of NovemberLaw No. The law provided some definitions and organisational structure, a catalogue of crimes, the legal framework for banning websites and a few procedures. It defined the concepts of information, data, traffic data, publication, internet medium, internet publication, monitoring, access, hosting, access and content providers, and internet usage provider.

It classified ISPs as either access providers, host providers, content providers or commercial usage providers; also, it listed their accountability and responsibilities. Commercial usage providers such as internet cafes apply for and get licenses from local authorities. For commercial content providers, a clear listing kanum contact information and hosting information is required online.

  ISO 15408-3 PDF

There are monetary penalties and invalidation of license if these requirements are not fulfilled. A classification of in-country and kanuj websites and hosting companies was made without any definition. A registered hosting company is regarded as in-country even if the hosting machines are outside the country.

If the purpose is other, the company is treated as in-country. Prior to Law No. In the course of the new legislation, this division progressively evolved in becoming responsible for internet related issues such as blocking websites, along with telephone tapping. Almost hundred positions were reserved for the TIB, 32 of which were filled within a few months in It also enforces regulation and monitoring of internet cafes, so as to make sure that they keep necessary logs and prevent harmful content to be accessed by customers.

If the web or hosting company is out-of-country, the TIB has the authority to ban harmful content from the catalogued list of crimes without the need to get permission from a court. If the website or hosting is within the country, then the TIB needs a court order to ban swyl. However, in the case of emergency such as with child pornography or where human life is in danger the kaanun can ban a website due kahun harmful content. Kahun such a case, a court order within 24 hours is required.

The aggrieved party can appeal the ban decision using regular procedures. The Law provides a procedure for removal of content and right to reply.

In some cases, the court appoints an expert witness for this verification.

Internet censorship in Turkey | Internet Policy Review

Courts sometimes order both of these measures at the same time. URL blocking, which we will discuss, was put into law in Whereas the TIB can only block a website for these alleged crimes, independent courts can ban any website for any reason they see fit under the national laws and regulations. It must also aayl noted that many of these decisions szyl later lifted.

However, the company 56551 and the ban decisions were later removed. The two largest national dailies took this seriously, carried the news to their front pages and set up a letter campaign to protest.

Then, the state prosecutor for media intervened and brought the case to court. The judge saw the video on a CD and decided to block Youtube. Although Youtube was reopened after several months, it was later banned several times for shorter periods Youtube Censorship, n. The Youtube ban lasted more than two years.

Censorship in Turkey

Untilthere were more than 30 court decisions banning Youtube. In Turkey, Adnan Oktar is a well-known creationist and the head of an Islamic foundation. His lawyers have become known for the rigorous persecution of webpages that contain a defamatory statement about his activities.

They have gone to court in various parts of the country to get court orders for banning websites. Following kanuj of these decisions, the whole wordpress.

kamun After several months, a blogger objected and the ban was lifted. There, an expert, Turan Dursun, was questioning the main concept of Islam.

Reflecting the general attitude of the Turkish government against left-wing movements. Both these decisions were later lifted. It is mainly the largest import-export shop in the world.

Janun Turkish government subsidises Alibaba. The website was banned for a trademark dispute between two construction firms. One firm went to court for removal of a picture from the other firm’s webpage, claiming violation of trademark.

The court decided for the removal of the picture.